3 Steps to Create Victorious Weight-Loss Results Today: And it’s not what you think…

Last week I shared about the 1st thing that people’s brains do when they start to lose weight…today I’m going to talk about the other thing:


And the brain is wired to default to old habits so…it just keeps us in the same habits when we are not aware of it.

This is why we lose weight and gain it back.

This why we struggle to lose weight in the first place: we haven’t learned to work with HOW our brain is wired and all our survival instinct has us do things that keep us stuck in the same habit loops.

ERGO: no change or change and default back to where we were.

And what I mean by “the brain freaks out”, a technical term as you can tell, is that when we start a change process and have just accomplished a new change, we have to train our brains to accept the new change and continue to focus on the end goal.

This is not instinctive.

Let me give some examples.

You’re starting or wanting to start the weight-loss process.

You’re feeling trepidation a lot of fear because you’ve lost weight and gained it back in the past.

Your brain is thinking thoughts like:

“What if this doesn’t work? Thing’s haven’t worked in the past…I’ve tried everything…This is hard…I  don’t know how to do this or what to do, I shouldn’t have to be struggling with this dang it…


You hit a weight-loss goal.

Then you hit a plateau or you start to worry about gaining it back.

Your brain freaks out and starts thinking things like:

“I should keep losing weight, I shouldn’t plateau, it should be easier, it’s not working, this is hard, I can’t do this, oh no, I might gain it back…or I don’t know what’s happening…”

Let me just get to the point:

All these types of thoughts ONLY  create a lot of mental noise and emotional constipation.

Let me say that again:

All these types of thoughts ONLY create  a lot of mental noise and emotional constipation.


And LOTS of mental noise (harsh mental voices) and emotional constipation feels AWFUL, right?

You know why?

Because any thoughts like the above, take our amazing brain computers OFF THE GOAL because it’s disconnected from your pre-frontal cortex!

It cuts you off from your connection to your supercomputer pre-frontal cortex and you start making decisions from your survival mode brain and then…

When the brain just switches into survival mode,  and you’re not aware of it and you don’t have a system in place, YOU start making choices that won’t get you to your goal.

So, ask yourself, how long do you want to hang out with the pain of LOTS of mental noise (harsh mental voices) and emotional constipation and not reaching your goal?

So, you may ask…

Yeah, Candy, so what do I do?

Well, let me point out that the brain will always want to ask: “What do I do?”

And that’s not actually what you do…

To solve this, we have to start at the beginning with why it’s happening.

We have to start by seeing all the thoughts in your brain as software that tells your body what to do.

So we need to unravel this background brain software first.

I like to describe this process with one of my coaches concepts called the “Before and After Process.”


PART 1: We start with what thoughts your brain is thinking now: The Before.

PART 2: Then we re-direct the brain to where it really wants to be: The After.

PART 3: We look at what thoughts that will help you actually get to The After: The In Between


STEP 1: We start by COMPASSIONATELY asking ourselves what thoughts we have now.

Why? Because thoughts are the “software programs” that are creating all the results in our lives.

If you’re not conscious, semi-conscious or even conscious of some of the thoughts you have about weight-loss, (which we all have all of these), you won’t be aware of how to start “re-programming” and re-directing and therefor start truly changing your brain (and behavior) in effective, long-term ways.

Where we are with our weight-loss results right now is the accumulation of the thoughts we’ve thought up until today.

They ARE THE reason, there is no other reason, that we struggle, that we haven’t created the results we most want.

That’s it.

HOMEWORK: So, your homework here is:

STEP 1: Think about and write down all the thoughts you’ve had about weight-loss in the past and all the thoughts you have today about weight-loss if they are different.

Don’t edit ANY OF THEM.

STEP 2: Write down the calm thoughts, the fearful thoughts, the worried thoughts, the self-doubt thoughts all of them. Then just look at them and notice how thinking them and looking at them makes you feel.

My guess is looking and thinking those thoughts makes you feel tension, discouragement, despair, and or fear, right?

There’s a reason for this…

Thoughts create our feelings.

So, when those thoughts are running like software in the back of our brains…

It just keeps creating those feelings and those feelings don’t motivate us to change, they just keep us in our Survival Brain Mode system…

And what do we do in Survival Mode?

Yep, survive.

Not change, not move, not thrive.

STEP 3: Give yourself think time, write it down and put that on your mirror and re-direct your brain to that each day.

STEP 4: Schedule a time on your calendar to do this activity. Don’t just think about it. Go schedule it now, put it on your calendar now, (if you’re not doing it right now) and give yourself this gift of your own attention.



STEP 1: We start by asking ourselves  this question:

“What would my future self, who has already accomplished this weight-loss goal and is keeping it off be thinking.”

This question is important because it actually makes your brain shift from the default thoughts to connect to your pre-frontal cortex, which is the creation powerhouse, super problem solver, and long-term change maker.

You have to train your brain to think new thoughts regularly in any change process because thinking the same things and doing the same things and expecting a different result…IS INSANITY…right?!

HOMEWORK: Ask yourself, what would my future self who has lost weight and is keeping it off be thinking?

Let me offer you something here, your future self wouldn’t be thinking, I’m scared, I wonder if I can do this or even, I think I can do this.

NO, your future self who already accomplished the goal is thinking:

I did it.

I will never gain the weight back again because I know EXACTLY what to do to keep it off.

I’m 100% committed to maintaining and protecting my mental, physical and emotional health.

I love and trust myself around food.

I love and trust myself no matter what.

I love and trust myself even when I don’t like what I do.

I am the expert on my brain and body, and I know how to take care of my body and my brain in ways that are loving and compassionate.

I DID THE WORK, I MADE IT WORK. (Future self NEVER thinks: It’s not working-future self owns responsibility for ALL results and thoughts.)

I’m ALWAYS in control.


I give myself the gift of exercise and I do that lovingly and regularly. Period.

I’m a person who exercises regularly and does it from a place of giving myself the loving gift of movement. It is a gift.

I show up for me.

I love showing up for me because I love the amazing, yummy version of me that I get to be when I show up for me…and that version of me blesses my world in amazing ways!

I know EXACTLY how to lose weight.

I know EXACTLY how to maintain weight-loss, period.

This is who I am now.

You’re welcome to start borrowing some of my thoughts.

These are all the thoughts my brain believes now. 100%.

These thoughts that I have ARE THE REASON I lost 65 lbs and I keep it off easily.


STEP 1: Ask yourself what would my future self be thinking about weight-loss and weight-loss maintenance?

Write it down.

Don’t edit it.

STEP 2: Give yourself think time, write it down and put that on your mirror and re-direct your brain to that each day.

STEP 3: Schedule a time on your calendar to do this activity. Don’t just think about it. Go schedule it now, put it on your calendar now, (if you’re not doing it right now) and give yourself this gift of your own attention.


As you read this, you may be thinking, OK, my thoughts aren’t at THE AFTER stage yet, how the heck do I get there?

Well, as you can guess, this is EXACTLY what we do in coaching, but let me share a bit about THE IN BETWEEN process to get you started.

STEP 1: Wherever you may be in this process, ask yourself 2 questions:

QUESTION 1: What would my future self advise me to do to get closer to THE AFTER GOAL?

This may seem like a simple question, but this question also connects you to your pre-frontal cortex AND again, the most amazing problem solver on the planet.

Then listen.

Keep asking the question, give yourself time to write it down, to think about it.

QUESTION 2: What do I need to think and feel and do today, in the next 10 minutes, in the next hour to get me closer to THE AFTER GOAL?

Then, again, listen, write it down.

These questions help your brain start coming up with the IN BETWEEN STEPS.

Here are some thoughts that can be very helpful:

I can figure this out.

I haven’t tried everything, or I would have figured this out.

I’m learning that I can do this.

I’m learning how to keep my word to myself.

I’m learning how to have my own back.

I’m learning to show up for me.

I’m learning to take care of my body and brain in new ways.

I’m learning that I matter.

I’m learning that when I show up for me, I love me more, and I create even more amazing results.

Yes, you can borrow these too.

What if your brain really did know and you REALLY do have it inside you to figure this out?

HOMEWORK: Ask yourself these two questions each day this week:

  1. What would my future self advise me to do to get closer to THE AFTER GOAL?
  2. What do I need to think and feel and do today, in the next 10 minutes, in the next hour to get me closer to THE AFTER GOAL?
  3. Give yourself think time, write it down and put that on your mirror and re-direct your brain to that each day.
  4. Schedule a time on your calendar to do this activity. Don’t just think about it. Go schedule it now, put it on your calendar now, (if you’re not doing it right now) and give yourself this gift of your own attention.



If you start this process, IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE and you will be blown away by all that you can do.

I promise, I did it, my clients do it and you can too.

Have a wonderful week!



p.s. If you are ready to start YOUR BEFORE process so you can close the IN BETWEEN gap and truly have THE AFTER you most want of losing the weight for good, stopping your emotional overeating and calming all the noise in your mind around food, your body and your weight, CLICK HERE TO SCHEDULE YOUR FREE 60 MINUTE COACHING CALL NOW.

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It’s Time To Make Yourself a Priority

You are a super woman.


You do and do and do and do…for so many others…

And you wear yourself into the ground at times…or let’s be honest, maybe A LOT…

And it hardly even occurs to you to yourself on your priority list of things to do…

Not for any other reason other than you’re a great person and you do want to be useful and contribute…

But it’s taking it’s toll…

You’re exhausted, you’re carrying extra weight, you’re achy…

And you so wish you could move, play, hike, dance like you used to…

And did you know not learning the simple, guilt-free steps to put yourself on the priority list is one of THE TOP reasons I see that women gain weight in mid-life…

It’s not about the weight…it’s about the mental and emotional weight of things we currently have on our lists and are putting on our lists of things to do…

And it’s the accumulation of this mental and emotional weight over the years that so often turns into physical weight…

And all this means is that you just haven’t learned the simple step-by-step tools to work with the emotional and mental weight in a way that doesn’t turn into physical, mid-life weight gain…

And that’s totally possible.

The weight of your priority list can actually be more simple, so much more peaceful and so much more life-giving instead of draining.

This is what one woman learned in spades in just one 20 min coaching session with me.

In my private Facebook Group: Stop Emotional Overeating, periodically, I offer a free 20 minute coaching session…

And Marcia, who gives her permission to share, had a HUGE breakthrough in the area of learning to put herself as a priority and I can’t wait to share that with you.


While we were doing her free 20 min coaching session, her cat started to bother her.

I told her I would edit it out, but then she had a huge breakthrough about putting everything else as a priority…and I decided to leave the cat calling her attention in because it was the perfect example of how everything in her life had been grabbing for her attention, instead of consciously choosing and seeing that she wanted to put herself as a priority. It’s sooo good. And she gets really passionate at the end about it…and now she’s starting to put herself as priority…

And she got this all, from just one 20 min coaching session with me.

This is just a tiny piece of the beginning of the tools that I teach in my 6-month, individual online program.

Imagine what else you could do with all the tools.

If you know it’s time to learn the simple, step-by-step tools to put yourself on the priority list, let’s chat.




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What are your weekend plans my friends?

Any holiday events?  

Many holiday events?

I’m going to a Christmas party tomorrow evening and I’m singing! 

Getting my voice all prepped!

I’m a little nervous because I don’t quite have the song memorized…but I’m gonna do my best!


I want to hear about your plans and…

Yes…what are your weekend food plans?

Do you have one?

A lot of people don’t think about making food plans for the weekends, it feels like, I made it through the week…just need a break most of the time right?

My brain never liked planning and scheduling meals…and to be honest, it still resists and doesn’t love planning and scheduling sometimes.

Can you relate?

My brain would rather do whatever it “feels like in the moment” at all moments…the problem with that is that this is the auto-pilot mode of our brains and it’s only concerned with taking the path of least resistance to conserve calories…and it’s not concerned with our well-being…I will preach this every week…hear me! 😊

So…our amazing brains can be really sneaky about not wanting to planning and scheduling our food and eating on the weekends…you know I’m right…

How often have you thought any of these types of sneaky thoughts about making a plan for food over the weekend?

“Hey, you’ve got a lot going on, you did so much this week, YOU DON’T NEED TO PLAN…”
“Hey, take a break, rest, relax, you don’t want to make a plan, so you don’t need to.”
“Hey, I don’t want to make a plan that I might not stick to.”
“You don’t know how to make a plan when some of your schedule & activities are “flexible” or “up in the air” this weekend.”

If you have, you know it usually leads to: 
Mindless grazing & overeating.

Sounds familiar, huh?

Our brains can be sooo instinctively, auto-pilot sneaky…

And the weekend is often one of those times our brain’s auto-pilot system kicks into high gear and says lots of little niggling auto-pilot things to get you to not plan your food.

If we aren’t aware that these auto-pilot thoughts are running, guess what we don’t do?



If you don’t make a plan, you will most likely graze, mindlessly eat and drink, eat too much, feel guilty or shame, eat some more, then tell yourself you’ll start tomorrow, on Monday, in January…

And when you overeat on the weekends, you will most likely continue overeating during the week, then weeks, then months, then years…

This what happens when you don’t make a plan…

Yes, this is what happens when you resist making a plan…

This is what happens when you don’t work with your brain and how it’s designed to function best AKA: Making a plan.

This is what happens when you don’t see how powerful a SIMPLE plan can be…

What’s it costing you to not make a plan?


What’s it costing you to not know how to work with how your brain is wired to function best?

Really ask yourself.

Let’s talk about what’s happening with your brain when you don’t make a weekend or any plan for food:

The auto-pilot part of our brain (about 95-99% of it depending on the study you read)…has all kinds of sneaky, hidden thoughts that try to talk us out of doing things that would actually be the better for us and support us in physical, mental and emotional health.

It honestly tries to talk us out of these better choices because it’s wired to conserve energy and be efficient.  That’s it. There’s nothing broken about you, your worth, your loveability, or your willpower.

The human brain really wants structure, but it instinctively resists putting new structures/routines into place (because it requires energy and the brain is always seeking to be efficient and do things to not spend calories)…

BUT ultimately, the brain really craves and loves structures and routines once they are put into place on auto-pilot habits.

But that auto-pilot brain likes to whine. 

It likes to say, “It’s too hard to plan.”

Gotta love the dichotomy and the complete juxtaposition of the instinctive parts of our brain with that of our thinking parts of our brain.

NO, really, you gotta love it, embrace it, accept this is what human brains do…in order to work with it…and create lasting change.

AND…you gotta love you and your human brain and understand none of this is personal…

So, friends…if you catch your sneaky auto-pilot brain saying, hey, you don’t need to plan, 

STOP, thank your brain kindly and talk back kindly with these 4 steps:

1.     I hear you, and that isn’t true. I actually do better and YOU, sweet brain, do better when we make a simple plan.
2.     I hear you and it’s ok you think that, but I’m choosing to take care of me and my body by planning.
3.     I hear you and sweet brain, you can make excuses until I get out the piece of paper (or computer) to write my plan down and then you get to stop the negative talk.
4.     THEN…GO MAKE A SIMPLE plan for the weekend that includes 2-3 meals each day with protein, fat and veggies, no flour and no sugar.

Doing these simple 4 steps will calm your brain down and connect to the pre-frontal cortex.

It will help you create a plan so in a way that works with your brain instead of against it.

It will help you be aware and in control of what you put in your mouth instead of just mindlessly putting food in all day.

It will help you Stop Emotional Overeating for good so that you can move, play with grand kids, hike and dance and stop aching!

Yes, it will help with all this.

Why are you putting it off?

Have a super week!


If you want to make planning simple that so that you can move your body, dance, play with grand kids and feel amazing in your body…I can help you stop all the stress-induced emotional eating and Lose up to 50 lbs FOR GOOD with my proven step-by-step system. CLICK HERE TO SCHEDULE YOUR FREE COACHING STRATEGY SESSION NOW.

Why commitment is the hardest part of the weight-loss process and how to make it easy.

Part 1 of a 2 part Series: “Commitment and Self-Love are the hardest parts.”

“Commitment and Self-Love are the hardest parts.”

This is what an awesome lady said to me in a FB message exchange last week.

We were messaging about the weight-loss journey I’d been on and she commented on how hard work paid off.

I commented that it didn’t feel so hard when I learned the tools commitment and self-love.

And then she said it: “Commitment and Self-Love are the hardest parts.”

It hit me so profoundly…that statement stuck with me and then…

I remembered when I didn’t have step-by-step tools to create commitment and self-love and…

Dang, that was hard.

It’s was hard because I didn’t understand what was going on with my brain, my body and my emotions.

It was hard because everything in human instinct wiring actually has you do the opposite of what works.

And I was trying to use only the human survival instinct tools of willpower, shaming, guilting, white-knuckling it…

And those tools NEVER work for long-term lasting change.


Can you relate?

Have you ever felt this way?

Have you felt like committing to the weight-loss process and learning or developing self-love are the hardest parts of this weight-loss process or journey?

And I hesitate to call it just a weight-loss process or journey any more, honestly.

Because it’s really a life change, a creating of your heart’s desire process and journey.

It’s really a creating of understanding not only your body, but your brain, and your relationships with yourself, your family and your whole world.

It’s a process of healing of all those things and creating freedom, joy, peace and love in the space where all that human survival instinct used to take up all your brain energy.

I digress…
Getting back to the topic…

Ever wondered why commitment and self-love feel like the hardest parts?

Read on…let’s start to change that today.


How often have you told yourself, “If I could just get committed, then I could lose the weight?”

How often have you told yourself, “I really want to, wanting is the easy part, but I can’t get committed?”

Sound familiar?

There’s a reason for this.

This is what the human brain is wired instinctively to do.

It’s wired to want to conserve as many calories as possible, so it’s not instinctive for most people to have all kinds of commitment tools in their toolbox.

What IS instinctive is:

1. Wanting to do it (not committing) 
2. Not feeling capable of doing it  
3. And giving up
4. Only seeing how many times you’ve failed in the past 
5. And only using the instinctive part of your brain that ALWAYS defaults to the only looking at the PAST evidence (usually negative evidence) to think about solving and creating FUTURE goal…

Let’s dive in here…

It’s VERY hard to solve or create a future goal using the same old brain software programs from the past…because it’s like using the first version of the mac (remember that old bulky thing that just had zeros and ones and dots on in…to run the internet…)

IT DOESN’T work. (Ok, techies may have other info…but in theory, you get what I mean here)

This is the biggest problem with not being able to commit.

When contemplating committing to a new change, our brains are wired to default to look in our memory base for evidence of whether we’ve been successful or not at that particular task (long-term weight-loss, success in business, success in relationships whatever).

When the brain doesn’t find evidence of success with success in weight-loss in the past, it will automatically start to run an auto-pilot thought program (yes, think of it as a computer program) in the background of your brain “computer.”

That back ground program on auto-pilot that most of us aren’t aware of sounds something like this: 

“This could be a possibility of failure, there is no evidence of success. Therefore this could lead to over-expending your brain and body’s energy and calories so it would be wise to conserve calories so you don’t over-expend your calories and therefore die.”

So this is really the background thought “software” program that is instinctively running for most people when they think of committing to learning to lose weight for good.

Another reason it feels so hard is because our instinctive survival brain is usually running a program of  “all or nothing” or “black and white” or “either/or” thinking.

Meaning, it will go to extremes…it’s wired to see and default to the extremes.

This will sound like telling you that commitment has to look like:

Going to the gym 1-3 hours/5 days a week.

Never eating any sugar and flour ever again

Never eating any “bad things” ever again…

BEING PERFECT…which is an illusion, a lie of  survival instinct.



This is why commitment FEELS so hard.

It’s counter-instinctive to understand and talk back to that instinct survival system part of our brains.

But that is actually what is required and what works to enable you to really commit and create long-term weight loss or change in any area of your life.


So…now that you know that this is the background program that is running…and that is what is is causing you not to commit, I invite you to acknowledge it and talk back to your brain. 

Kindly. Kindly is important and I’ll discuss why in the section on Self-Love.

Talk back with these very effective questions:

1. What am I thinking right now? (Be quiet and actually listen.)

2. What is my brain telling me that is impossible right now?

3. What if that’s all a lie? (Hint: It usually is–just a lie coming from survival instinct’s desire to avoid “potential danger”.)

4. What “either/or”, “black and white”, or “all or nothing” extremes thinking is my brain coming up with now?

5. What could I do to commit to getting one step closer to my weight-loss heart’s desire goal today?

6. What one step can I take right now to move towards my weight-loss journey’s heart’s desire now, in the next hour, in the next 4 hours, in the next 24 hours?


After asking each question, stop and listen. 

Stopping and listening are the crucial part of this process.

It allows your brain to do it’s amazing job…

When you ask questions like this, and you STOP AND LISTEN…

It’s actually shifting you to connect to your pre-frontal cortex instead of defaulting to the instinctive, auto-pilot parts of your brain (that are only concerned with survival not thrival).

And the pre-frontal cortex is the part of your brain that has AMAZING PROBLEM SOLVING skills, rational thought, imagination and empowerment capabilities.

This is why it’s so important to ask one question at a time and give yourself quiet think time.

SIDE NOTE: This can be defined as a type of meditation…meditation is essentially quieting the mind…so it can heal, think, rest, rejuvenate etc. instead of being on crazy instinct, auto-pilot all the time AND…it helps your brain work more effectively.

After you ask these questions and quietly listen, you will be connected to your prefrontal cortex.

and your brain will have given you some ideas of what to do to commit and move one step forward.

And it’s important to ask the question about one step forward to mitigate the potential derailing of instinctive “all or nothing, black and white, either/or” thinking.

And this is how you actually commit.

You Stop.

You Ask Questions Kindly…especially questions #5 & 6. 

You Listen.

THEN…You take that one step that your brain told you to take.


One STEP at a time.

You do that each day.

And then you build the mental muscles of learning to commit.

This is how you work WITH your brain instead of against it…

And this is how commitment gets easier.

And this is how you commit to your heart’s desired weight loss and life journey and process you most want.

And this is how you start to create your heart’s desire weight-loss goal permanently.

Join me next week when I discuss why self-love is the other hardest part and how to work with your brain instead of against it so it becomes so much easier too!



p.s. If you’re ready to learn how to really commit to your create long-term weight-loss goals and to learn to work with your brain instead of against it CLICK HERE TO SCHEDULE your coaching consult strategy call now. 

Self-Compassion After Thanksgiving Meal

When I asked my clients this week how they were feeling with regards to being prepared to love themselves, make great self-loving food plans and win with Thanksgiving, they all said something along the lines of ” Yep, I’m not worried, I’ve got the tools I need!”

This is so fun.

They have the tools to not have all the mind chatter around it and they have all the tools and planned beforehand to win.

Are you interested in creating that type of confidence around food?

If so…I can help…

If you feel like you overate…


If you feel like you really overate…

If you feel like you did pretty darn good making self-loving choices at Thanksgiving…

If you feel like you aren’t worried about it at all….

I want to honor where ever you’re at…


I invite you to shine a light of self-compassion and self-love on where you’re at.

Shine compassion if you feel you overate and compassion will help you look at it from a perspective of what worked, what didn’t work & what you want to choose to do differently going forward.

And self-compassion will help you take a step back and really ask yourself, how long do I want to keep doing this and is it time for me to commit to put me on my priority list yet?


Shine self-compassion if you feel like you did well and maybe last year you didn’t do so well.

Shine compassion to reflect on what you did that worked this year, how you changed since last year, and celebrate how you are changing.

They are both important places to be on the journey of learning to become the expert on your body and brain as you learn to stop emotional overeating and lose weight for good.

And that is truly what it is.

It’s a journey that you take step-by-step and what if there are not back-steps or sliding back.

What if you keep your mind focused on: I’m going to figure out how to Stop Emotional Overeating & Lose Weight For Good, NO MATTER WHAT…

And you keep taking steps.

What if overeats are actually part of the journey?

What if you could look at them and simply ask:

What worked  this Thanksgiving around food to help me be in alignment with my weight-loss and health goals?


What didn’t work  this Thanksgiving around food?

AND what will I do differently going forward  to help me be in alignment with my weight-loss and health goals?


If you feel like you won with Thanksgiving this year also ask:

What worked this Thanksgiving around food to help me be in alignment with my weight-loss and health goals?

Was there anything that didn’t work this Thanksgiving around food to help me be in alignment with my weight-loss and health goals?

AND is there anything you’d like to do differently going forward and that may include a celebration ritual to help me continue to be in alignment with my weight-loss and health goals!

**Fun, silly side note, I found this drum beat on my alarm section of my phone (it’s called Timba–look it up, so fun) and it’s such a fun beat. I now use it for a celebration ritual, I just move my body to the beat and shake it all kinds of crazy…it makes me feel awesome.

This may not be your thing, but, for this former Zumba instructor, shaking to drums is heaven…my point is = maybe you want to add a celebration ritual to celebrate how well you did this year.

Short and Sweet Friday Love Message:

Shine compassion where you are by asking and writing down:

What worked?

What didn’t work?

What will you do differently going forward.

I’d love to hear how you answer that…reply to this email and let me know.

And, if you want to incorporate a celebration ritual into what you will be doing differently going forward, I’d love to hear what that is too.

The photo is me celebrating with Zumba MANY moons ago when I was an instructor.

Shake it baby!!

Happy Friday!



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3 Powerful Tools To Win With Food This Thanksgiving



Are you “gearing” up for Thanksgiving?
Are you starting to think about all the food you’ll prepare or eat or both?
Are you starting to think about the aftermath of the overeating shame that ensues?
Wanna be done with that aftermath of overeating shame?
ALWAYS start with questioning your thoughts about why you’re making Thanksgiving food choices OR any food choices for that matter.
If you’ve been following me, you know I’m always going to have you question your thinking first so that you create awareness and therefore connection to your pre-frontal cortex and therefore connection to rational thought & choice.
You know how it goes right?
We all have our traditions…the dishes your mom, grandma, auntie, friend’s sister’s mother-in-law’s recipes, that you JUST have to have or ELSE IT ISN’T THANKSGIVING!!!
And we just start buying all the stuff because it’s always been what we’ve done…
And we don’t stop to ask why we are doing any of it.
We rarely stop to ask why we are choosing to prepare all the things that we think “make a proper Thanksgiving”.
We rarely ask ourselves:
Why do I “have to have” the stuffing, the rolls, the multiple pies, the all the sugary treats, all the fixins, the sugary cranberry, the marshmallow-filled sugar-coma inducing sweet potatoes: AKA insulin-spiking-might-as-well-be-crack-ola??
Now I’m not knocking this stuff, ok, maybe I am a little…I choose to eat some of it at the holidays…food is just food.
It’s neutral.
What I’m inviting you to do is just ask yourself WHY you think you want it or “have to have” it.
Ask yourself:
Why do you choose the food you choose to prepare at Thanksgiving (and this can really be at any time of the year).
Do you love the reason you choose to prepare it and eat it?
Is it because it reminds you of your mom or your grandma?
Is it really the food that reminds you or is it the thoughts (answer: it’s the thoughts.)
(This is a whole other post: you can create remembrance of loved-ones traditions and rituals without food involved).
I invite you to ask this question just to bring some pre-frontal cortex awareness to the auto-pilot habit loop we are usually on when it comes to prepping Thanksgiving meals.
We rarely stop to think and ask, do I REALLY want all this?
Do I really love all this?
Does it make me feel good after I eat it?
Do I really want to have those marshmallow-filled sugar-coma inducing sweet potatoes????
(I recently chose to be done with these. I’m just not interested in how they make me feel afterwards…I’m no longer interested in how sweet and shocking to my insulin they are and how that shock feels in my body).
Do I get so wrapped up in the preparation of it that I lose sight of what I most want = connection with family and friends and connection with loving myself?
This is what most humans want…we want connection and getting obsessed with a menu, with the to-dos, the overeating comas only kills connection…really, it kills it…so…
So, question first…do you want to be obsessed with the menu, the to-dos, the overeating coma, the guilt, shame etc afterwards?
Or would you rather mindfully plan how you’d like to connect with your loved ones?
Hopefully the answer is yes…then ask: what activities will produce the level of connection you’d love to create and then mindfully plan how you’d like to connect and then how you’d like to connect and love yourself in the process?
Is your why the to-dos, the obligation, the “this is how we’ve always done it” or is it the connection?
Then ask yourself, if your focus was solely on creating AMAZING connection, would you do anything differently?
If so, WHAT WOULD it be?
**Quick ideas for connection:
A. I have a couple table top games, that are simple boxes of questions (got them at TJ Maxx) to ask my relatives at the table.
B. Think of several questions you’d love to know about the people there…focus on that. There are lot’s of links out there with great questions.
C. Think of 2-3 feelings you really want to create on purpose and ask your brain what you could do to create those feelings on purpose: example: I want to create fun, love, appreciation & connection so I’m going to make sure that I ask my loved ones lots of questions about themselves and thank them and lather on the appreciation.
D. Play Games. My brother’s family has this amazing game called Telestrations (think telephone with drawing) that is great for all ages…it’s SO funny and brings so much fun to the celebration, I always work on bringing it in to the activities.
E. Go on a walk together. Move your bodies together.
F. What are some of your favorite ways to create connection?
Planning beforehand is crucial because it requires you to use your pre-frontal cortex in anticipation.
It puts the pre-frontal cortex in charge and doesn’t leave your brain to chance when the choice is placed before you of the multiple pieces of pie.
So, plan beforehand not only your menu if you are cooking, but plan beforehand what you will eat.
And as you plan, ask yourself, what do I REALLY want.
IF I were to pick 5-6 things that I most want, what would they be?
Then, write it down.
There is magic that happens when you write a plan down.
It helps wire it into your brain and helps you have a greater ability to stick to it.
Plan what you’ll eat and what you won’t.
I plan to eat turkey, veggies, mashed potatoes, 1 piece of pumpkin pie, 5-6 bites of the appetizer spinach dip my relative makes…and 1 roll. The end.
Then I’m going to eat it really slowly and stop when I feel about 80% full.

Here’s another rarity.

We don’t usually think to stop and ask ourselves how to I want to feel at the end of the day?

How do I want to feel physically and emotionally at the end of the day?
Do I really want to be crazy bloated and shaming myself?
Do I want to numb out and be semi-present?
Or do I want to feel connected, like I had fun, with lots of love and energy afterwards?
Do I want to feel like I loved myself and my body today?
What if you gave yourself permission to choose to love yourself and your body ON THANKSGIVING?
Did you know those 2 are not mutually exclusive?
Um, yeah, they’re not.
Start by just asking the questions: how could I love myself and my body and have my back today?
What does your brain come up with?
What does it say?
Does it have you tweak your menu to have less or no sugar and flour in it?
Does it have you create more connecting activities?
Does it tell you to EAT SLOWLY and PUT YOUR FORK DOWN BETWEEN EACH BITE and STOP when you are full?

The tool of being compassionate with yourself w will always be the key to winning with food no matter if it is holiday season or not.
When we are coming from a loving place for ourselves and understand that our brain’s instinct will want to judge us, we can re-direct our brain with questions like:
How can I be kind and compassionate with myself now?
How can I slow down and thank my body and love my body as I eat?
How can I give thanks for my body?
How can I put deposits of love into my body now?
If I eat a little more than 80% full, which let’s be honest, I probably will, I will not beat myself up.
I will forgive myself immediately and not go to shame or guilt.
I am committed to this because beating ourselves up just leads to more overeating.
I will just wait until I feel grumble in my tummy hunger the next day to eat again.
That’s it.
Waiting until you are actually physically hungry again is one of the most compassionate things you can do and give your body and yourself.
Hopefully this helps you get all nice and mentally, emotionally and physically ready for Thanksgiving!!
ONE MORE BONUS TOOL: Don’t eat breakfast the morning of Thanksgiving. Just drink tea with cream. Depending on what time you have your Thanksgiving meal, I invite you to go into it fasting or lightly fasting…then the next day, I invite you to fast until at least 2 pm or until your body is actually physically hungry.
This just gives your body a chance to rest and heal if you eat a bit too much.
Happy Thanksgiving Preparation!

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Focusing on How You’re Failing NEVER WORKS.

3 weeks ago I hit a really big goal in my business.

My head was whirling with gratitude, joy, celebration and humility.
I enjoyed those feelings for about 3-4 days.

And then my brain went back to it’s normal brain wiring instincts to:

1-Avoid Pain
2-Seek Pleasure
3-Be Efficient (do the easiest thing possible to seek pleasure and avoid pain)
4-Always Be On The Lookout for Danger/The Negative (Google negativity bias-a psychological term-brain’s instinct to search for the negative)


#4 THE LOOKOUT FOR DANGER/NEGATIVITY BIAS in our minds sounds like: “What’s wrong now”, “what’s not working”, “what am I doing wrong now”.

It was so curious and painful.

It was as if my brain was saying: “OK, 3-4 days is enough to celebrate, be proud, be joyful, now you need to look for danger again, staying in that proud, joyful feeling could get you killed so you better start to worry about all the things that aren’t working and how you are failing now…”

So, then my brain started to look for ALL the evidence around why my business WASN’T working.
Guess what I did?
I started to disconnect from my pre-frontal cortex and I couldn’t see how much progress I’d made me feel sad and disappointed.

And then…yeah, bought some dresses on Amazon to avoid feeling the sad disappointed feeling.

Guess what else I did?
I didn’t ask for help so I could process it and then get out of it earlier. 
And um, yeah.
It sucked.
It felt awful.
It felt awful understanding that I was feeling awful and not processing my emotions and not understanding exactly why…
So I finally asked for help from one of my peer coaches, I got some coaching and hallelujah, I saw the light. (Side note: even as a coach, I need help with my blind spots because I have a human brain…so I’ll always have a coach until I’m in the grave.)
In the coaching I received I saw that underneath the “This isn’t working” thought that my brain was defaulting to was the thought: “I’m failing”.
And this thought felt like big, thick, slimy shame.

AND it felt awful to feel stuck in the slimy shame. 

I had just accomplished something I never would have dreamed would be possible even 6 months earlier, yet alone ever before in my life…


I was interviewed on a podcast about it, and referenced a couple of times on other podcasts because of it…

AND my brain still wanted to tell me I WAS FAILING…

My brain went right back to being a human brain that searches for evidence of the danger and what could be wrong next so that I could “not die”. 
It didn’t even let me relish in the feeling of growth, accomplishment & inner pride for more than 3-4 days. 
Actually, it felt pretty annoying at the time.
And it felt EXHAUSTING.

It was emotionally and mentally exhausting to carry around that thought and feeling of “I’m failing” and shame…the emotion of shame is really draining for our bodies and it will literally ZAP us of emotional, mental and therefore physical energy.

And side note, as soon as I released the thought “I’m failing and focused on what was working, all my energy, emotional, mental AND physical came back in spades.

Can you see where I’m headed here?
Can you see the parallel for yourself in your over-40 weight-loss journey?

How often in your journey of losing the over-40 weight does your brain default to only seeing and scanning for:
1-What’s not working
2-Where you’re “failing”
Ask yourself now…
Where might your brain be telling you that “It’s not working” now?

“You’re failing.” 

“Girl, you’re totally failing, what in the world ARE you thinkin’?…OR
 “How could you let this happen, Candace??? Honestly!!!” (My full first name only comes out when I’m in trouble).
Ok, maybe it doesn’t sound like those last two in your head, maybe it does.
The voice in my head either have a southern accent and a drawl and sound really accusatory or… 
The voice in my head is just passive aggressively thumbing her nose down at me with much scorn in a British accent…
(And by the way, I absolutely LOVE southern accents and British accents-no offense).
Anyway, I digress…
But really, look at all the places your brain is telling you these things.
Because it exhausts your precious mental and emotional energy AND THEREFORE PHYSICAL ENERGY.
Because it disconnects you from your pre-frontal cortex capabilities of rational thought, empowerment and amazing problem solving skills.

And this is NOT USEFUL.




GET out a piece of paper or the NOTES section in your phone and list ALL the ways in which your weight-loss journey IS working (how YOU are working).

Do it for at least 10 minutes.

You’re brain won’t want to do this because:


Then list ALL the ways you are succeeding…these lists may be slightly different, they may not be.
And…list ALL the ways in which your life journey IS working…
And then write down all the ways in which your life journey IS succeeding…
And then notice how you start to feel.

If you allow yourself to start looking and writing down ALL that you are doing that IS working, that you are succeeding at and do it for at least 10-15 minutes straight, you will start to notice that focusing on those thoughts will start to create more positive emotional chemical signals in your body…you will literally start to feel lighter and more empowered.


You’ll be connecting more fully to your pre-frontal cortex and you will be able to start seeing the actual truth:

You are doing SO much that’s working.
You have and are making so much change.
You have already built so many new tools in your tool box.
You have already built new neural pathways.
You are no longer the same person.

You are creating new results and possibilities, with your body, your relationships, your work…everywhere.

You no longer beat yourself up like you used to when you eat something that was not fuel food.
You are showing so much more compassion for your brain and your body and learning to treat yourself with increased self-love.
You are no longer craving the treats like you used to.
You are putting deposits of love into your body with healthy food and nourishing movement.
You are putting amazing deposits of love into your brain by learning to coach your brain in ways you didn’t know about not that long ago.
Your inspiring example is rippling to those around you and blessing their lives too.
If for no other reason that it FEELS SO MUCH BETTER….
Oh, and yeah, IT WORKS.

I love you all.
Have a fabulous weekend.


p.s. If you’re ready to learn to stop focusing on all the negative about your weight-loss journey and really create long-term weight-loss results, I will teach you the step-by-step process to learn to do it from self-love & compassion CLICK HERE NOW TO SCHEDULE YOUR COACHING CONSULT CALL TODAY.

“What is happening to me?

 So much pain.

My knees are killing me. 

Both my feet hurt so badly with shooting pain that I don’t know which foot to put the boot the doctor gave me. 

I’m crying in pain because my body hurts so badly and the doctors aren’t sure why.

I can’t stop gaining weight. 

I’m falling apart, is this really what life after 40 is going to be like, it’s too painful to live like this any more…”

This is how I felt when I was in my early 40’s.

I was exasperated and honestly at war with body because it had gained 65 lbs.

I was punishing my body with food addiction and bitter self-talk and mad that it wasn’t responding the way I wanted it to.

“How dare my body do this to me,” I thought.

And it wasn’t working to continue to fight and be angry at my body or myself.

I came to this breaking point over time…

But things didn’t change until I decided to start looking for the ways I could love and cherish my body and therefore, me.

I decided to start looking for ways I could make peace with my body and listen to it as if it was a sweet child in my care.

I decided that my body, is a sweet loving being, in my care, and that it is an entity that SO wants to love and serve me well, and I just didn’t know how to listen or speak to it yet.

And this made all the difference.

I waved the white flag of peace to my body.

I laid down my weapons of angry self-talk, albeit slowly, I started laying them down one by one.

And I started to ask myself how I could hear, pay attention to and care for my body like I would a small child I loved.

I decided to make small deposits of love, just like a bank account, into my body reserve.

And this looked like telling myself gently the following:

“I’ll do 10-15 minutes of Zumba today, I don’t need to do the whole hour and it’s OK to stop when my feet, knees or hips start to hurt.” (And I used to be a Zumba instructor who did HOURS of Zumba a week.)

“I’m going to take one small step to practice slowing down when I eat and put my fork down between bites.”

And then I hired a coach.

Then it turned into telling myself gently:

“I believe that I can figure this out.”

“My body will be strong again, active again, full of live and vibrancy again.”

So I kept putting small deposits of loving thoughts, nourishing food and loving movement into my body.

I didn’t spend tons of hours in the gym. I walked, I went to Zumba because it made me happy to dance and I left as soon as I hurt…and then eventually, I didn’t hurt any more and could stay the whole class.

Was it easy, no, but it was a lot easier doing it from choosing to love and listen to my body instead of being angry and at war with it.

And then I started to tell myself even more empowering things like:

“Wow, my body is feeling better, my joints and feet aren’t aching like they used to, my body is releasing weight…I wonder what else I could be capable of…I’m really figuring this out, this is so exciting…”

So then I added a weight-training class to my regimen. I like classes, I don’t like going out on the gym floor, I like someone telling me what to do and then I like to leave. So I choose to do things I like.

It was a process of slowing down, learning to listen to my body and honor it as a wise entity that really did want to love me and serve me…and it was just patiently waiting until I started to listen and love.

And now we are best friends.

We are partners, not enemies.

I truly love my body and my mind.

And I’ve chosen to continue to love it even thought the wrinkles are getting more pronounced, I’ve chosen to be in a loving relationship and speak kindly with my body.

And this is what changed everything.

I wish for you a loving, harmonious relationship with your mind and your body.

Have a wonderful weekend.

I love you.


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2 Main Reasons We Don’t Lose Weight After 40 – It’s Not What You Think

Here’s why you struggle so hard to lose the over-40 weight gain:




AND here’s why you do that:

You’ve read a ton of “diet” books.

You’ve read a ton of “how to lose weight” articles online.

You’re super smart.

You’re so successful in SO many areas of your life.

Yet, it’s a struggle for you to ask for help with this because you feel shame or like you should know better because you are so smart…

You’ve tried counting points, cutting back on carbs, drinking shakes, and or exercising your tush off.

You feel like “you know what to do to lose weight” and yet, you can’t “make yourself” do it or “stick to it”.

You can do it for a while by “willpowering” yourself or white knuckling it to stick to it but as soon as you’re “done with the diet” you go back to yo-yo’ing and gaining weight.


You haven’t considered that asking for help could make this struggle SO much easier so have it be so much easier so much more quickly than you think could be possible…

Because think you think yous should have figured this out and be perfect at this already…

So you feel guilt, shame and give yourself some pretty harsh internal tongue-lashings because you can’t figure this struggle out…

SO…you keep telling yourself that you should be able to do this on your own…

But you can’t do it on your own…

So you struggle asking for help to really be done with this struggle for good…

Sound familiar?

Feel like I’m in your head and reading your mind?

I am pretty much reading your mind…there’s a reason for that…

It’s because this used to be my mind…and it’s where my clients’ minds are before they start working with me.

I get it.

I’ve been there, they’ve been there too.

And nothing’s broken or wrong with you because you have these thoughts…





ARE TWO OF THE MAIN REASONS women over 40 stay stuck in yo-yo weight gain patterns and continue to gain weight…

And I invite you to ask yourself what is it costing you to not ask for help?

What is is costing you to think that you should be able to do it on your own?

Really ask yourself?

My guess is it’s costing you time, your health, your ability to be present in your relationships, your ability to play with your family, grandkids etc…it’s costing you the ability to be fully present your work and contribution in this worlds and it’s costing you being able to achieve what you most want in life.

So, what do you do instead you may ask?

TOOL # 1 Stop Letting Your Brain Tell You That You Should Already Know How to Lose Weight After 40.

Because you’re such a smart woman, your brain likes to default instinctively to telling you that you should be able to figure out how to lose the over-40 weight and should be able to do it easily and quickly.

This is baloney…

You shouldn’t already know how because you’ve never been over 40 with all the step-by-step tools to know how…

And you shouldn’t be able to figure this out easily and quickly because you haven’t been over 40 with the simple processes that work with how your brain is wired instead of against it so it actually becomes easier than you thought possible.

When you were first starting to walk, you didn’t immediately take off running…because you hadn’t done it and practiced it and learned the literal step-by-step process to run yet…

You had to work on one step at a time.

This is the same with learning to lose weight over 40.

It’s a process.

It requires one step at a time.

And when you let your brain tell you that you should be able to figure it out easily and quickly, this default thought literally disconnects you from your pre-frontal cortex and therefore your ability to REALLY learn the steps one by one.

TOOL #2 Stop Letting Your Brain Tell You That You Should Be Able To Lose the Over-40 Weight On Your Own.

It’s really normal for smart women to not consider asking for and learning to receive help.

Shocker, I know, huh?

I’ve been through my share of not asking for help experiences and they always went so much better when I learned to ask for help.

We don’t ask for help for several reasons but the most common I’ve seen is that we are just so busy in our lives, we don’t think about it…

And OR…

If we ask for help, our brain’s default instinct is to make it mean we “weren’t good enough, smart enough or failed at being smart in this area” and then the guilt, shame or internal tongue lashings ensue.

Notice how I said it’s your brain’s default…you haven’t actually not been good enough, smart enough or failed…it’s a human brain instinct default…and

None of that is actually true…

This too, is some sweet baloney that the default instinctive part of our brain likes to tell us…

Asking for help is actually one of THE MOST EMPOWERING things you CAN do.

When I asked for help, I lost 65 lbs.

When I asked for help, I learned how to get married after 40 and create an AMAZING, HARMONIOUSLY LOVING PARTNERSHIP (yes it was a step-by-step process).

When I asked for help, I started a business and started living my dream to be a Life Coach (something I had been dying to do for 16-17 years).

When my clients asked for help, they lost 15, 20, 30, 40, 50 lbs.

When my client, asked for help, she dropped her Type 2 diabetes sugars by 70-80 points within 24 hours, and she went from painfully, barely walking to the mail box to walking over a mile easily with no pain & she’s working on getting ready for a 5K!

When my clients asked for help, they calmed the noise in their mind around food, their body and their weight, gained confidence in themselves and then used that energy formerly used on that noise to improve relationships in their families.

When my clients asked for help, they felt stronger, more self-love, more self-compassion & trust and started improving so many other areas of their lives that they really wanted to improve.

When my client asked for help, she stopped fixating as much on food and started an artistic business with that energy that she loves.

When my client asked for help, she learned to manage her emotions and started accomplishing and being who she really wanted to be in her business.

Goes on and on…

So to re-cap my friends:

1-Stop Letting Your Brain Tell You That You Should Already Know How to Lose Weight After 40.

2-Stop Letting Your Brain Tell You That You Should Be Able To Lose the Over-40 Weight On Your Own.


And when you’re ready to ask for help, to get started, I offer an individualized coaching strategy session to find out if my program is a good fit.

Have a super weekend.


p.s. When you’re ready to to ask for help and stop thinking you should be able to learn to lose weight on your own and should already know how, let’s chat.

If you’re ready to ask for help, I have spots open Monday 11/4/18 @ 9 am, 10:15 am & 5 pm, Tuesday 11/5/19 @ 10 am, 12:30 pm or Thursday 11/7/19 12 or 1 pm all Pacific Times for your individualized coaching stratgy.

Reply to this email with which times work best for you.



In my 6-month, one-on-one program will teach you the simple step-by-step processes to get the results you REALLY want around your weight, your body and food AND YOUR LIFE. My 6-month, one-on-one program  is done individually online on a platform called Zoom, like Skype-so my clients live all over. This gives us the ability to teach you all the tools and make it very customized to what you most need.

Learning to Make the Decision To Commit To Yourself, Will Change Your WHOLE Life & Help You Lose the Over-40 Weight

When you see the power of learning to make decisions to be fully committed to take care of yourself instead of being afraid and full of self-doubt, your WHOLE LIFE WILL CHANGE

And I want to tell you, with her permission,  about one of my clients, Sarah, who learned this specific process and whose life has already changed dramatically in just about 3 months…

Sarah was overwhelmed, even consumed…for years by such painful thoughts around her weight and her body and food…

It affected her sense worth in some instances…

It affected how she felt in many of her relationships…

She was and is a rock-star woman in her life and yet she struggled quietly inside, deeply inside with such painful thoughts and belief systems around herself, her weight, her body and food…

And it hurt A LOT…

She was afraid she wouldn’t be able to change…

She was afraid nothing would work…

She had tried some things to lose the weight in the past and it ended up in more pain…

But she chose courage…

And she didn’t give up…

She chose to make the decision to commit to herself and figure it out…and she reached out to me.

Her message to me said: “I need help.”

These words are the first part of the making the decision to commit to taking care of you instead of being afraid and full of self-doubt…

And these words, although difficult to say for many people are the most empowering, life-changing words that will start the journey to real long-term growth and change…

“I need help” are the words that she used to start her journey to make the decision to commit to herself to figure this out, heal once and for all and Stop Emotional Overeating and Lose Weight for Good. 

On our first initial consult call, I heard all her fear, I heard all her self-doubt, I heard all the pain from all the years of trying, failing, struggling and beating herself up…

And it CAN feel terrifying…I know…it’s actually normal…and that’s OK because…

THERE REALLY ARE simple, specific, step-by-step tools that calm the worry, fear, doubt and calm the noise and pain of it all so that she was able to calm the noise and pain in her mind around it all, and not only start losing weight, but healing EVERYTHING in her life…

And the most important tool we started with was learning to make decisions to be committed instead of trying to make decisions from being afraid or from feeling self-doubt…


Her change started happening because she made a decision to commit to believe she could and would heal and figure this out…

Her change started happening because she made the decision to be committed to be “all in” to learn the tools with me and do ALL the work I prescribed for her even when the work felt challenging or she didn’t quite understand…

And her change started to happen because she made the decision to figure out a way to pay for it…and she just made it happen even though she wasn’t sure how she would at first…

And her change is continuing to happen because she makes decisions to be committed to herself and her growth instead of afraid or doubting herself every single day…

And because she’s making the decisions to be committed to herself each day…

In just under 3 months, not only has she lost weight, but she’s started to completely change and heal parts of her mind, body AND LIFE in a way that she never thought could be possible…

Want to hear what those changes are?

Here you go: 
She realized how much of her day, her time and her brain and mental energy was consumed with planning to eat, cooking, eating, thinking about her next meal etc. 
She realized that she was using large quantities of soda, treats and food to fill and numb the stress and loneliness of having 7 kids, a full load of piano students and a husband whose job was taking him out of town for days on end…. 

She realized by planning her meals a day or week in advance, not eating unless she was truly hungry, cutting off her dependency on sugar, flour and soda, she had A LOT MORE TIME IN HER DAY.

She realized that now that she had this new free time, she  was still lonely because she needed to fill up her soul with meaningful things instead of treats…

And with more coaching, she realized she had a house full of kids eager to spend time with her and she now chooses purposefully to use the newly freed up time and mental energy to connect with her kids throughout the day…

And this has had a ripple effect that now when she needs some quiet alone time at night, she no longer feels guilty for asking for it…because she connected with the kids in meaningful ways on purpose throughout the day…

I love this quote she sent me: 

“Before life coaching I just always felt so drained I didn’t feel like I had much to give my kids. 

Now I have the mental capacity to really talk to and enjoy my kids one on one, listening to them and playing with them!

Another problem I was having was snacking late at night when my kids were in bed. It felt like a reward for getting through my day. 

When I decided to stop snacking and let myself actually feel my feelings instead of numbing them out with sugar it also left lots of time for myself. I can do anything I want with my alone time: I can read, draw, watch a movie uninterrupted, call a friend, yoga…anything!

If you would have told me that just changing my relationship with food would have simplified my daily life and helped my relationship with my kids I would have done it a long time ago.” 

And this IS JUST the beginning of Sarah’s story…

What could be possible for you by making the decision to commit to yourself instead of being afraid or staying in self-doubt?

What is it costing you to not make the decision to commit to yourself?

What is it costing you to doubt yourself or be afraid?

The process I help people with is NOT just about losing physical weight. It’s a holistic process that helps you lose the emotional weight that causes the physical weight to creep up.

It’s a holistic process that calms the noise in your mind, heart, soul & cells…

And it is possible for you to learn to make the decision to commit to yourself and make what you most want a reality too.

Have a wonderful week.


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