When I asked my clients this week how they were feeling with regards to being prepared to love themselves, make great self-loving food plans and win with Thanksgiving, they all said something along the lines of ” Yep, I’m not worried, I’ve got the tools I need!”

This is so fun.

They have the tools to not have all the mind chatter around it and they have all the tools and planned beforehand to win.

Are you interested in creating that type of confidence around food?

If so…I can help…

If you feel like you overate…


If you feel like you really overate…

If you feel like you did pretty darn good making self-loving choices at Thanksgiving…

If you feel like you aren’t worried about it at all….

I want to honor where ever you’re at…


I invite you to shine a light of self-compassion and self-love on where you’re at.

Shine compassion if you feel you overate and compassion will help you look at it from a perspective of what worked, what didn’t work & what you want to choose to do differently going forward.

And self-compassion will help you take a step back and really ask yourself, how long do I want to keep doing this and is it time for me to commit to put me on my priority list yet?


Shine self-compassion if you feel like you did well and maybe last year you didn’t do so well.

Shine compassion to reflect on what you did that worked this year, how you changed since last year, and celebrate how you are changing.

They are both important places to be on the journey of learning to become the expert on your body and brain as you learn to stop emotional overeating and lose weight for good.

And that is truly what it is.

It’s a journey that you take step-by-step and what if there are not back-steps or sliding back.

What if you keep your mind focused on: I’m going to figure out how to Stop Emotional Overeating & Lose Weight For Good, NO MATTER WHAT…

And you keep taking steps.

What if overeats are actually part of the journey?

What if you could look at them and simply ask:

What worked  this Thanksgiving around food to help me be in alignment with my weight-loss and health goals?


What didn’t work  this Thanksgiving around food?

AND what will I do differently going forward  to help me be in alignment with my weight-loss and health goals?


If you feel like you won with Thanksgiving this year also ask:

What worked this Thanksgiving around food to help me be in alignment with my weight-loss and health goals?

Was there anything that didn’t work this Thanksgiving around food to help me be in alignment with my weight-loss and health goals?

AND is there anything you’d like to do differently going forward and that may include a celebration ritual to help me continue to be in alignment with my weight-loss and health goals!

**Fun, silly side note, I found this drum beat on my alarm section of my phone (it’s called Timba–look it up, so fun) and it’s such a fun beat. I now use it for a celebration ritual, I just move my body to the beat and shake it all kinds of crazy…it makes me feel awesome.

This may not be your thing, but, for this former Zumba instructor, shaking to drums is heaven…my point is = maybe you want to add a celebration ritual to celebrate how well you did this year.

Short and Sweet Friday Love Message:

Shine compassion where you are by asking and writing down:

What worked?

What didn’t work?

What will you do differently going forward.

I’d love to hear how you answer that…reply to this email and let me know.

And, if you want to incorporate a celebration ritual into what you will be doing differently going forward, I’d love to hear what that is too.

The photo is me celebrating with Zumba MANY moons ago when I was an instructor.

Shake it baby!!

Happy Friday!



p.s. If you’re ready to not be worried when holiday events come up or not be worried around food at all because you know you you’ve got the tools you need to calm the noise in your mind around food and to be in control instead of food controlling you, sign up for your free coaching consultation strategy call now by CLICKING HERE. In my 6-month one-on-one online program (so you can live anywhere) I will teach you my proven step-by-step process to win with Thanksgiving and all food in general so you Stop Emotional Overeating and Lose Weight for good.

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