Feeling restless, stressed, unsettled, agitated or slightly crazed? ( opposite of calm)

Feeling self-doubt, insecure, fearful or uncertain? ( opposite of confident)

Feeling unable, incapable? ( opposite of capable)…

And it’s driving you to emotionally stress eat…

Guess what…

You’re probably a human.

Yep, this is normal and it means you’re a human having feelings that you just haven’t learned how to process instead of eat.

Did you know that there is a specific set of tools to process feelings, so you don’t go eat all the things as a reaction to pent up emotion.

And these simple tools stop emotional stress eating.

And after you’ve been on the planet for near 50 years, there are probably a lot of these emotions pent up.

So you see…it’s not your fault that the peri/menopausal weight has crept up.

Yes, of course your body is changing…but not knowing how to process feelings is the REAL reason your weight has crept up and been so hard to get off.

This is how you start.

3 EMOTIONAL C’s = Long-Term Weight-Loss: 
Calm, Capable & Confident are the feelings that create weight-loss (and ALL other results in life)…

So if you’re not feeling those…it’s REALLY hard to be successful…in fact, pretty much impossible.

So if you’re not feeling those, start here:

Step 1: Ask: What is driving you to feel the opposite of those feelings?

Step 2: Listen to yourself…not from a complain/blame mode…but from a I’m going give myself some kindness and grace like I would a friend as I listen.

Step 3: Then do that thing that you hear your inner wisdom offering you.

The challenge is we often have many layers of feelings built up from so many years of not knowing how to process them…

That this process can seem overwhelming or complicated to do on your own.

It’s truly about giving yourself a some of your own time…as a give of love to you.

You give so many gifts of love to all your world…

It’s just time to do it for you.

And when you do…you go from feeling insecure, self-doubt, frazzled to
Calm, confident & capable…

And then, the physical weight comes off as you learn to release that emotional weight.

That’s why what I offer in my 6 month program is Emotional Healing Weight-Loss Program is priceless.

I help you go through this simple process SO much more quickly, efficiently and compassionately than you could ever imagine on your own.

If you’re ready to be done with this struggle for good. I got you.


p.s. If you’re ready to have your own calm, confident and capable story with the peri/menopausal weight-loss process so you lose it for the last time…

working with me, an expert coach in emotional healing, is EXACTLY what will solve that for you. > CLICK HERE NOW TO<- to schedule your complimentary 60 min consult call to start your calm, confident and capable story today. 

Yes…This program is the answer you’ve been praying for.

p.p.s. Fun FACT: My clients feel increased FREEDOM and start releasing up to 10 lbs in the first 2-4 weeks, it doesn’t take long. I love working with these women who are ready to be done with the peri-menopausal & menopausal weight-loss struggle for the last time. 

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