You know those quiet background voices that tell you:

You didn’t do “enough”

You didn’t do it “right enough”

You didn’t do something “good enough”

And then it spirals in your mind to the thought: “I failed”

Then the heavy, sinking feelings hit and…

You feel compelled to do more, give more, contribute more, lose yourself in taking care of others more…

All to subconsciously “prove” to yourself that those “not enough” thoughts are wrong.

Then you emotionally stress eat to deal with it all, feel like you should know better… And then you emotionally stress eat some more.

Then the cycle repeats. Scale goes up. (AKA: “Self-sabotage”)

Ring a bell?

There’s a reason:

The scale goes up because you haven’t learned to re-wire your brain around the “not-enough” thoughts that cause you to feel like a failure (and then overeat some more).Modern neuralplasticity science now shows this is completely possible.

The problem is…

Most people don’t actually know how to do the re-wiring on their own or how to make it work.

So let me share some of the simple basics to re-wiring that: Help you move the scale down and… your confidence up:

1. NOTHING IS WRONG WITH YOU. The brain is wired to default to these “not enough thoughts” and pretty much all humans struggle with this on some level…(so your a normal human)

2. Separate yourself from the thoughts: those “not enough” thoughts ARE NOT YOU. They are your survival instinct. Be kind as you observe them and talk to yourself as a dear friend when they come up.

3. What you let your mind dwell on will be your results. Whatever you focus on, your brain will collect evidence for. So if you focus on the “not enough” you will keep creating that result and stay stuck in that cycle.

4. Redirect your mind with empowering questions ANY time the “not enough” thoughts come. Ask yourself the opposite of what your brain wants to instinctively say to you. Examples:What if “enough” or “perfect” really isn’t a thing? (Hint: it’s not) How was what I did, how I am already enough? (Answer like you would to a dear friend) What if it’s just my survival brain wanting to feel safe? What is the loving thing I’d say to a friend who was feeling this way? (Say that to yourself) What if nothing has actually gone wrong? What if there really isn’t a right way?

5. Really listen to what answers you hear at the end of those questions.Here’s the truth my friend: ***YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO IT ALL ***YOU ARE ENOUGH BECAUSE YOU WERE BORN ***YOU ARE A DIVINE HUMAN WITH INFINITE WORTH, PERIOD.

And when you learn the simple tools to re-wire these underlying “not enough” thoughts…

Those last thoughts IN BOLD become who you are…

AND THIS IS THE SECRET THAT STOPS Emotional Stress Eating and MOVES THAT SCALE DOWN for the last time.

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Happy Friday & have a wonderful weekend.


p.s. This is important. In 6-months, if you do nothing, which the brain is wired to do (put things off) you’ll still be where you’re at, no re-wiring happening. 

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