Your mind is like an attic…

It’s full of boxes of thoughts that create your emotions….

And when you have tons of those boxes of thoughts and emotions…

Your cluttered attic adds emotional, mental, AND physical weight to your body and or your life.


The “floor of your attic” (AKA your body) starts to…cave in or break.

Cleaning up your mental and emotional attic is what solves the weight-loss equation for good.

When you fill it with clutter:

“I can’t do this”

“I’m not capable of losing the weight”

“I’m so stressed I have to eat that to make me feel better”

“I’m afraid to fail at weight-loss AGAIN”

“But what if it doesn’t work”

“I’m not enough or not good enough”

Then your “attic” just gets OVERFULL…

And so does your stomach and your pants.

Try this instead:

Set a micro-goal this week to notice 2-3 “cluttered attic” thoughts.

2-3 thoughts that make you feel weighed down about yourself and your capability.

Then toss them.

Yep, put them in the Goodwill pile or The Dump pile and take that trash out.


Catch your mind in the act of putting more thoughts up in the attic and interrupt the process by saying:

Is this true?

Is this really true?

Does this make me feel good?


If doesn’t make you feel peaceful, loving or kind to yourself, say, thank you, I’m not keeping this, you’re going to the Goodwill or Dump.

Your body and soul will thank you. I promise.



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