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OVER 50-ISH+ CREATE a joyful, Healing, long-term relationship with food & their bodies, for good.

You’re so tired of the that mean inner critic running in your head around your relationship with food, your changing body…yourself? Especially since menopause-post menopause. 

Silently, you are probably resentful or even be angry, feeling like your body is a stranger or even like it’s  “betraying you”.

You feel alone, like you’re on an emotional, hormonal, body changing roller coaster and the menopausal and post menopausal emotional eating is not only increasing, it’s ramping up that dang inner critic.

And no matter what you try, it feels so hard to “control your relationship with food, your body and that DANG inner critic around it all”.

YOU JUST want to be done with & heal the root cause struggle of emotional eating & finally have a peaceful, self-trusting, freeing relationship with food & your body so you can actually get on living your second-half-of-life’s dreams instead of spending energy on this food/body judgment spiral!

If this is you, you’re in the right place. YOU CAN have a peaceful, self-trusting, freeing (even JOYFUL-if you want it)  relationship with food & your body for good it and I can help you.

Hi, I’M CANdy.

I’m like you. I felt blindsided by my body as I got deep into peri menopause and then when I hit the menopause transition into post menopause, HOLY CRUD, I felt like I was hit like a Mack TRUCK. Emotional Eating went through the roof. My body no longer interacted with food the same, it’s shape started to change and the inner critic tried her best to judge me all the way. 

I really just wanted to have a peaceful relationship with food and body and quiet that inner critic so I could spend my energy on living my life’s dreams instead of freaking out about what the heck was going on with emotional eating and my body!

If this resonates, sister, you’re not alone. I see you.

This is what I help you do and am an expert in.

I help you, high-achieving, emotionally intelligent, soul-centered menopausal & post menopausal female bodied people, heal the root cause struggle of  emotional eating for good.


So, if you’re ready to stop your struggle with food & your body now…

If you’re ready invest in yourself  & have bit of courage to believe in yourself…

I CAN help you.   

Start here:
3 simple steps to get you where you want to be:


Heal The ROOT CAUSE of Your Unique Eating And Body Challenge (Menopausal Emotional Eating, Overeating, Stress Eating, Body Image Challenges, Midlife Emotional Challenges) and claim your future joy, freedom and health Starting NOW! 

JOin the next round of how to stop eating your feelings a 3 day online workshop for High-Achieving, Emotionally savvy, Perfectionist, Menopausal & Post Menopausal Women over 50

After the workshop, you’ll go from frustrated & confused because you keep eating your feelings & it feels like food controls you…

To knowing THE 3 KEY tools to feel FREE & CONFIDENT because YOU NOW know how to control the food with compassion & ease.


Learn how this coaching program has helped these woman change their lives

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I had tried all the diets in the world. Working with Candy has not only helped me lose weight, but it has also made me change the ways I think about food and challenged me to examine and change beliefs I had about myself that were getting in the way to my success.

Aida E., 45

Lost 50 + lbs. I've been able to get to a point where I love my body. I see my body as a partner in this journey--I'm learning from it. I've learned to truly love myself and have compassion on my brain. Do the program! You will learn tools to help not only with weight loss but also with life and interactions with those who are in your life. It's so worth it!

T.D. AGE 45

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