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Learn how my coaching program has helped these woman change their lives

I had tried all the diets in the world. Working with Candy has not only helped me lose weight , but it has also made me change the ways I think about food and challenged me to examine and change beliefs I had about myself that were getting in the way to my success. Having a chance to talk every week has allowed us to incorporate tools and changes a little bit at a time. She is great at pointing out things I need ed to change and celebrated my strengths and triumphs. Candy is wonderful, I am finally loving myself.

Aida E, 45

Lost 43+ lbs. Candy is an incredible coach both compassionate and firm guiding her clients through a repeatable process that allows them to get in tune with why they are eating. She provides helpful suggestions and also tools that enabled me to get in touch with why I was eating when I wasn't hungry. She shares her journey and some tips for how to change eating but more importantly habits. I would hig hly recommend Candy for anyone who has dealt or is dealing with being overweight. I'm down over 43 lbs so far and have confidence that I can get to my goal weight as well as maintain it after I lost it because I now eat only when I'm hungry. I am excited to do the things I love to do again without the excess weight.

Lisa, 49

My weight loss sessions with Candy have been life-changing! Before my sessions with Candy, I was an extreme emotional eater. Whenever stress, frustration, melancholic thoughts, etc. entered my life, I used food as a distraction and comfort. Candy taught me about how my mind would be so consumed by them that my own interpretation of self-care and self-love was erroneously flawed. I thought could ‘lose weight on my own’ to prove to loved ones that I could do it, however after many years of failed diet programs (and I tried over 10), I realized I could not do this alone. Having Candy as my coach changed my life in the most amazing way! Candy is an extraordinary life coach!!! She has this innate ability/gift to understand me and meet me where I was at. She made me feel comfortable with myself and was empathetic to my life’s struggles. I learned how my thoughts had a tendency to gravitate towards ‘the worst scenarios’ and clouded my judgement. Candy taught me to re-frame situations with a clearer perspective; to respond to stressful situations by not grabbing ‘empty foods’ to soothe my emotions. Candy provided a wealth of knowledge and research into our sessions so each lesson I felt really applied to me personally. Most importantly, Candy taught me to LOVE myself, and to FEEL/LIVE Life and not use food to disconnect myself. Candy was there when I struggled with food and has been my biggest supporter and encourager when I need a boost of confidence. Now I am losing weight and feeling great about myself. Candy makes losing weight fun for me. I feel comfortable and at home with her whenever we meet.

Janis, 49

Lost 40 lbs. I was impressed with your posts and knowing your background. I wanted to work on being more open and vulnerable as well as lose weight. Coaching with you helped me first identify or become aware of my thoughts, feelings, emotions and then make different choices to get different results. This isn't easy to do all the time and requires lots of compassion. I've also been able to get to a point where I love my body and if I stay at this same weight, it's fine with me. I appreciate my body now and don't view it so negatively. I'm aware of my thoughts and beliefs and feelings. I try to stop when I'm feeling an emotion or an urge and figure out what's driving it. This is a lifelong process and I'm not an expert at this at all, but I'm trying to make conscious choices rather than from an instinctive place. I feel successful, confident and that I have tools to handle whatever happens. I'm learning that I can handle any emotion that comes my way. I've learned to truly love myself and have compassion on my brain and negative thoughts - that they are just trying to make life easier for me and that's a good thing, but I can take the lead and make other choices. I now see food is fuel and also a barometer of my thoughts and feelings, I can use it as a tool to understand what I'm feeling or thinking. Food also tastes way better when I'm actually truly hungry. I'm not so negative about my body. I truly love where my body is right now and I still have weight to release. I see my body as a partner in this journey-- learning from it. All the tools I've learned from you have helped me in my relationships with others, almost more than the weight loss. I like how compassionate you are and how easy to talk with. You validate my feelings and help me work through my thought errors. There is a curiosity that comes across, a seeking to understand, not a judgy tone. I appreciate this. I'm a bit of a perfectionist and it's hard for me to admit when I make mistakes and not beat myself up for mistakes, but your take that it's just data and we can move on has been very reassuring and validating. It's so worth it!

Teresa, 45

Lost 46 lbs. Life Coach Candy is phenomenal! Her professionalism and dedication is sincere. Candy cares for me individually and desires pure joy for each one of her clients! I have learned to love myself. To confront my desires, my thoughts, my feelings, my actions and my results. I have built my confidence 100 percent. I am positive, and I do feel JOY each day! These life coach sessions have changed my life forever. The success of losing weight now continues to be a part of me and my life style each and every day. I look at food different. I journal and pre - plan my food 24 hours ahead of time. I am in tune with my thoughts, my feelings and my body to know when I am hungry or not. My life is filled with many opportunities to keep busy to take care of and love myself, my family, friends and serve others as well as enjoy my talents and hobbies.

Darlene I, 64

Lost 37lbs. I have been working with Candy for a few months and have seen a huge transformation in the way I handle my life. I'm no longer plagued with anxiety -- I recognize my thoughts as just that: thoughts. They don't occur as reality like they used to. I've been able to lose weight, improve my relationships with my adult children and take on leadership with confidence. I've done so much work in the past on these same issues but have found huge success by consistently taking on the strategies Candy has given me. The weekly calls offer the kind of support I need to make profound changes in my life.

Becca, 64

Lost 25 lbs. I had never thought to seek the help of a weight loss coach before, but I was inspired by Candy's enthusiasm & passion for what she teaches. It was the best decision! I can honestly say that my relationship to food has changed dramatically and Candy was completely supportive, wise and encouraging every step of the way. This is well worth it if you want to lose weight, feel great about yourself and enjoy the process!

FSP, 41

 Lost 15 only 8 weeks and just getting started! As a self-professed sugar-holic, I seriously thought not eating sugar was impossible. Impossible! Candy worked her magic in healing my dysfunctional relationship to sugar so that I no longer crave it, desire it, need it. She made the impossible POSSIBLE. I cry as I write this since in my life it feels like a miracle occurred. Oh yeah, it did!”

“Candy’s program made sticking to a healthy eating plan so easy, freeing my brain for all the other things I want to do. It’s so easy, even my husband has taken up some meal prep! A.E., 64.

A.E, 62

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