Here’s why you struggle so hard to lose the over-40 weight gain:




AND here’s why you do that:

You’ve read a ton of “diet” books.

You’ve read a ton of “how to lose weight” articles online.

You’re super smart.

You’re so successful in SO many areas of your life.

Yet, it’s a struggle for you to ask for help with this because you feel shame or like you should know better because you are so smart…

You’ve tried counting points, cutting back on carbs, drinking shakes, and or exercising your tush off.

You feel like “you know what to do to lose weight” and yet, you can’t “make yourself” do it or “stick to it”.

You can do it for a while by “willpowering” yourself or white knuckling it to stick to it but as soon as you’re “done with the diet” you go back to yo-yo’ing and gaining weight.


You haven’t considered that asking for help could make this struggle SO much easier so have it be so much easier so much more quickly than you think could be possible…

Because think you think yous should have figured this out and be perfect at this already…

So you feel guilt, shame and give yourself some pretty harsh internal tongue-lashings because you can’t figure this struggle out…

SO…you keep telling yourself that you should be able to do this on your own…

But you can’t do it on your own…

So you struggle asking for help to really be done with this struggle for good…

Sound familiar?

Feel like I’m in your head and reading your mind?

I am pretty much reading your mind…there’s a reason for that…

It’s because this used to be my mind…and it’s where my clients’ minds are before they start working with me.

I get it.

I’ve been there, they’ve been there too.

And nothing’s broken or wrong with you because you have these thoughts…





ARE TWO OF THE MAIN REASONS women over 40 stay stuck in yo-yo weight gain patterns and continue to gain weight…

And I invite you to ask yourself what is it costing you to not ask for help?

What is is costing you to think that you should be able to do it on your own?

Really ask yourself?

My guess is it’s costing you time, your health, your ability to be present in your relationships, your ability to play with your family, grandkids etc…it’s costing you the ability to be fully present your work and contribution in this worlds and it’s costing you being able to achieve what you most want in life.

So, what do you do instead you may ask?

TOOL # 1 Stop Letting Your Brain Tell You That You Should Already Know How to Lose Weight After 40.

Because you’re such a smart woman, your brain likes to default instinctively to telling you that you should be able to figure out how to lose the over-40 weight and should be able to do it easily and quickly.

This is baloney…

You shouldn’t already know how because you’ve never been over 40 with all the step-by-step tools to know how…

And you shouldn’t be able to figure this out easily and quickly because you haven’t been over 40 with the simple processes that work with how your brain is wired instead of against it so it actually becomes easier than you thought possible.

When you were first starting to walk, you didn’t immediately take off running…because you hadn’t done it and practiced it and learned the literal step-by-step process to run yet…

You had to work on one step at a time.

This is the same with learning to lose weight over 40.

It’s a process.

It requires one step at a time.

And when you let your brain tell you that you should be able to figure it out easily and quickly, this default thought literally disconnects you from your pre-frontal cortex and therefore your ability to REALLY learn the steps one by one.

TOOL #2 Stop Letting Your Brain Tell You That You Should Be Able To Lose the Over-40 Weight On Your Own.

It’s really normal for smart women to not consider asking for and learning to receive help.

Shocker, I know, huh?

I’ve been through my share of not asking for help experiences and they always went so much better when I learned to ask for help.

We don’t ask for help for several reasons but the most common I’ve seen is that we are just so busy in our lives, we don’t think about it…

And OR…

If we ask for help, our brain’s default instinct is to make it mean we “weren’t good enough, smart enough or failed at being smart in this area” and then the guilt, shame or internal tongue lashings ensue.

Notice how I said it’s your brain’s default…you haven’t actually not been good enough, smart enough or failed…it’s a human brain instinct default…and

None of that is actually true…

This too, is some sweet baloney that the default instinctive part of our brain likes to tell us…

Asking for help is actually one of THE MOST EMPOWERING things you CAN do.

When I asked for help, I lost 65 lbs.

When I asked for help, I learned how to get married after 40 and create an AMAZING, HARMONIOUSLY LOVING PARTNERSHIP (yes it was a step-by-step process).

When I asked for help, I started a business and started living my dream to be a Life Coach (something I had been dying to do for 16-17 years).

When my clients asked for help, they lost 15, 20, 30, 40, 50 lbs.

When my client, asked for help, she dropped her Type 2 diabetes sugars by 70-80 points within 24 hours, and she went from painfully, barely walking to the mail box to walking over a mile easily with no pain & she’s working on getting ready for a 5K!

When my clients asked for help, they calmed the noise in their mind around food, their body and their weight, gained confidence in themselves and then used that energy formerly used on that noise to improve relationships in their families.

When my clients asked for help, they felt stronger, more self-love, more self-compassion & trust and started improving so many other areas of their lives that they really wanted to improve.

When my client asked for help, she stopped fixating as much on food and started an artistic business with that energy that she loves.

When my client asked for help, she learned to manage her emotions and started accomplishing and being who she really wanted to be in her business.

Goes on and on…

So to re-cap my friends:

1-Stop Letting Your Brain Tell You That You Should Already Know How to Lose Weight After 40.

2-Stop Letting Your Brain Tell You That You Should Be Able To Lose the Over-40 Weight On Your Own.


And when you’re ready to ask for help, to get started, I offer an individualized coaching strategy session to find out if my program is a good fit.

Have a super weekend.


p.s. When you’re ready to to ask for help and stop thinking you should be able to learn to lose weight on your own and should already know how, let’s chat.

If you’re ready to ask for help, I have spots open Monday 11/4/18 @ 9 am, 10:15 am & 5 pm, Tuesday 11/5/19 @ 10 am, 12:30 pm or Thursday 11/7/19 12 or 1 pm all Pacific Times for your individualized coaching stratgy.

Reply to this email with which times work best for you.



In my 6-month, one-on-one program will teach you the simple step-by-step processes to get the results you REALLY want around your weight, your body and food AND YOUR LIFE. My 6-month, one-on-one program  is done individually online on a platform called Zoom, like Skype-so my clients live all over. This gives us the ability to teach you all the tools and make it very customized to what you most need.

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