What are your weekend plans my friends?

Any holiday events?  

Many holiday events?

I’m going to a Christmas party tomorrow evening and I’m singing! 

Getting my voice all prepped!

I’m a little nervous because I don’t quite have the song memorized…but I’m gonna do my best!


I want to hear about your plans and…

Yes…what are your weekend food plans?

Do you have one?

A lot of people don’t think about making food plans for the weekends, it feels like, I made it through the week…just need a break most of the time right?

My brain never liked planning and scheduling meals…and to be honest, it still resists and doesn’t love planning and scheduling sometimes.

Can you relate?

My brain would rather do whatever it “feels like in the moment” at all moments…the problem with that is that this is the auto-pilot mode of our brains and it’s only concerned with taking the path of least resistance to conserve calories…and it’s not concerned with our well-being…I will preach this every week…hear me! 😊

So…our amazing brains can be really sneaky about not wanting to planning and scheduling our food and eating on the weekends…you know I’m right…

How often have you thought any of these types of sneaky thoughts about making a plan for food over the weekend?

“Hey, you’ve got a lot going on, you did so much this week, YOU DON’T NEED TO PLAN…”
“Hey, take a break, rest, relax, you don’t want to make a plan, so you don’t need to.”
“Hey, I don’t want to make a plan that I might not stick to.”
“You don’t know how to make a plan when some of your schedule & activities are “flexible” or “up in the air” this weekend.”

If you have, you know it usually leads to: 
Mindless grazing & overeating.

Sounds familiar, huh?

Our brains can be sooo instinctively, auto-pilot sneaky…

And the weekend is often one of those times our brain’s auto-pilot system kicks into high gear and says lots of little niggling auto-pilot things to get you to not plan your food.

If we aren’t aware that these auto-pilot thoughts are running, guess what we don’t do?



If you don’t make a plan, you will most likely graze, mindlessly eat and drink, eat too much, feel guilty or shame, eat some more, then tell yourself you’ll start tomorrow, on Monday, in January…

And when you overeat on the weekends, you will most likely continue overeating during the week, then weeks, then months, then years…

This what happens when you don’t make a plan…

Yes, this is what happens when you resist making a plan…

This is what happens when you don’t work with your brain and how it’s designed to function best AKA: Making a plan.

This is what happens when you don’t see how powerful a SIMPLE plan can be…

What’s it costing you to not make a plan?


What’s it costing you to not know how to work with how your brain is wired to function best?

Really ask yourself.

Let’s talk about what’s happening with your brain when you don’t make a weekend or any plan for food:

The auto-pilot part of our brain (about 95-99% of it depending on the study you read)…has all kinds of sneaky, hidden thoughts that try to talk us out of doing things that would actually be the better for us and support us in physical, mental and emotional health.

It honestly tries to talk us out of these better choices because it’s wired to conserve energy and be efficient.  That’s it. There’s nothing broken about you, your worth, your loveability, or your willpower.

The human brain really wants structure, but it instinctively resists putting new structures/routines into place (because it requires energy and the brain is always seeking to be efficient and do things to not spend calories)…

BUT ultimately, the brain really craves and loves structures and routines once they are put into place on auto-pilot habits.

But that auto-pilot brain likes to whine. 

It likes to say, “It’s too hard to plan.”

Gotta love the dichotomy and the complete juxtaposition of the instinctive parts of our brain with that of our thinking parts of our brain.

NO, really, you gotta love it, embrace it, accept this is what human brains do…in order to work with it…and create lasting change.

AND…you gotta love you and your human brain and understand none of this is personal…

So, friends…if you catch your sneaky auto-pilot brain saying, hey, you don’t need to plan, 

STOP, thank your brain kindly and talk back kindly with these 4 steps:

1.     I hear you, and that isn’t true. I actually do better and YOU, sweet brain, do better when we make a simple plan.
2.     I hear you and it’s ok you think that, but I’m choosing to take care of me and my body by planning.
3.     I hear you and sweet brain, you can make excuses until I get out the piece of paper (or computer) to write my plan down and then you get to stop the negative talk.
4.     THEN…GO MAKE A SIMPLE plan for the weekend that includes 2-3 meals each day with protein, fat and veggies, no flour and no sugar.

Doing these simple 4 steps will calm your brain down and connect to the pre-frontal cortex.

It will help you create a plan so in a way that works with your brain instead of against it.

It will help you be aware and in control of what you put in your mouth instead of just mindlessly putting food in all day.

It will help you Stop Emotional Overeating for good so that you can move, play with grand kids, hike and dance and stop aching!

Yes, it will help with all this.

Why are you putting it off?

Have a super week!


If you want to make planning simple that so that you can move your body, dance, play with grand kids and feel amazing in your body…I can help you stop all the stress-induced emotional eating and Lose up to 50 lbs FOR GOOD with my proven step-by-step system. CLICK HERE TO SCHEDULE YOUR FREE COACHING STRATEGY SESSION NOW.

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