Dear friend,

I see you.

I see how hard you’ve worked all your life to love, to give, to provide, to accomplish, to create.

I see the countless hours of care taking you’ve provided to your world, your community, your career, your loved ones.

I see how you’ve worked so hard for them, worried about them, cried over them, grieved over them, and joyed over them.

I see how you’ve put others and other things before yourself because of your big, powerful, loving heart.

I see how truly magnificent you are because of all of it.

I see how truly unconditionally loveable you are just because you are you.

I see how it’s been a struggle for you to put yourself on your to-do list and to make the time for you because you’ve felt compelled to take care of all the other people and things.

I see how much your deepest soul wants to take care of your body, your spirit, and your life now.

I see how you’ve been wanting to really lose this weight for good.

I see how you’ve been afraid because you don’t know how to get started.

I see how you’ve been afraid of failing.

BUT most of all I REALLY CAN SEE how strong you are, how capable you are and how you WILL totally succeed.

Have a wonderful weekend.


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