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Your brain lies to you all the time about food, losing the over 50-ish+weight, and your aging body.

Your brain lies to you ALL THE TIME about food, losing the over 50-ish+ weight, and your aging body. And these lies are coming in hard and fast right now for so many people now that we are in “quarantine/lock down”.

I love you AND…

If you want to come out of this “quarantine/lock down” lighter and freer in your body & mind instead of heavier, higher on the scale and full of shame, blame or guilt…

IT’s TIME to take an honest look at where your brain is lying to you so that you can.

These are the TOP 7 Lies I hear people’s brains telling them about food:

1. “Ooh, there’s extra food on the plate, counter, in the staff lounge, I should put it in my mouth” – this is one of the MOST common, it’s pretty much a subconscious lie, it’s really sneaky that most people don’t catch. It’s unconscious eating and doesn’t allow you to really ask yourself if you’re grumble in the tummy hungry. It’s just auto-pilot snacking and grazing from survival brain =  weight gain.

2. “Just one cookie/handful of chips/brownie/drink/tub of ice cream won’t hurt” – this lie leads to hundreds of “just ones” = weight gain.

3. “But I’m really stressed, I just need a little comfort” – this is your brain lying to you because it wants a quick hit of dopamine from sugar, flour & processed foods. That’s it. Food IS NOT COMFORT. Sugars, flours, and processed foods NUMB YOU OUT just like a mild drug. THEY ARE NOT COMFORT.  Comfort is a feeling you create inside yourself and comfort is something kind, and loving you do for your highest self, not a quick hit to take the edge off. The problem with this one is once you get a hit, your brain says GIVE ME MORE!  And that also = weight gain.

4. “Food is love or food is connection” – these lies leads to lots of indulgences in the name of love or connection. STOP BLAMING the FEELINGS of love & connection for your overeating.  Love & connection are feelings you choose to feel inside of you, they have nothing to do with food. Food is an inanimate object; it is fuel for the body. This lie also = weight gain.

5. “I’m too tired or too busy to take the time to make healthy food”  – this lie is one of the most debilitating there is. It’s basically telling you telling yourself that you are incapable of figuring out how to take care of yourself in simple easy ways…and if you don’t choose to figure out how to fuel your body in simple, healthy ways, it’s probably time to ask yourself why = weight gain.

6. “If my spouse/child/organization/friend/world/leader would just stop ___________ then it would be easier not to overeat” – this is probably one of the other most debilitating lies your brain can tell you because it again is just telling you how incapable you are of controlling your own reactions and emotions and just leads to lots of stress eating = weight gain.
If you have one or several of these thoughts, the good news is you are normal, you are human, nothing’s broken. 
BUT…if you want to Stop Emotionally Overeating so you come out of this “lockdown” having lost the over 50-ish+ weight for good, instead of gaining a bunch, you have to not only learn the simple cognitive tools to stop buying into these lies but become the person who no longer believes those lies.

7. “This is what happens as you age, I’m stuck, I can’t change/don’t know how to fix it. Lies, all lies. You’re getting stuck in your own victim story. You are not confined to a fate of gaining weight as you age. This lie adds probably the most emotional and physical weight of all. Everything is figure-out-able and buying into this lie is so toxic.




1. Always make a plan of what you will eat and when. You can make it a week in advance or 24 hours in advance, just be sure and make it at least 24 hours in advance. DON’T SKIP this. This stops a huge majority of emotional eating because it puts your pre-frontal cortex in charge so that your survival brain isn’t making choices when you’re super hungry (FYI-when you’re hungry and don’t have a plan, survival brain always wins, and you’ll eat anything in sight).

2. Always stop and ask yourself if you are grumble in the tummy hungry before you put something in your mouth. If you’re not. DON’T. If you are, eat about a palm size portion of protein, 2-4 TBS of fats and 6-10 oz veggies.

3. If you’re not grumble in the tummy hungry and you THINK you want to eat, drink water.

4. If you’re still not grumble in the tummy hungry and you still think you want to eat, ask yourself what you are thinking and feeling…then make yourself actually go write it down.

5.  And if you still think want to eat and you are not grumble in the tummy hungry ask yourself how you would comfort a small child you love or a small animal you love who is in pain…then go do and say that for yourself.

6. BONUS: DON’T DRINK YOUR CALORIES-EVER. This is one of the easiest ways to pile on pounds…when you don’t chew something and you just drink it, it doesn’t register satiety and it’s SOO easy to over consume calories this way. Just stop. Drink lemon water, sparkling water, teas etc. 

When these things become a part of who you are instead of the lies your brain tells you…

You lose the over 50-ish+ weight.

You become free in your body and your mind around food AND LIFE.

You no longer beat yourself up about the thing you “shouldn’t have eaten”.

You make peace with your aging body and you fall in love with it because you are now partners with your body instead of adversaries.

This is what I help you do. In my 6-month, online, one-on-one program, I teach you how to do these things automatically so you easily catch your brain in the lies, you lose the over 50-ish+ weight and you have EXTREME freedom and confidence around food and your body FOR GOOD.

You can totally do this, and I can help you.

You don’t have to keep struggling with this alone anymore. 

Doing it alone hasn’t worked and I know how to help you make it work. 


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