These last two weeks since my mastermind coach training, I’ve been applying new tools that have transformed my mind…

The biggest transformation I’ve been experiencing is how to learn to REALLY trust myself by believing that I can figure out the answers and by asking myself great questions about things that seem hard…Then understanding that I truly have the ability to find solutions to everything I want to.

I invite you to think about on a scale of 1-10, (10 being the highest amount of self-trust) how much do you really trust yourself to make decisions, stick to them and know that you can figure it out?

If you were to have asked me this question about a month ago, I would have said about a 7. 

After this experience in my new coach training, I’d say a 12+. 

It’s so EXCITING to learn this.

If you were to have asked me about 6-7 years ago, I would have said maybe a 2-3. 

I didn’t understand so much of what was going on in my brain and that compelled me to react to stress, overwhelm by overeating and having severe anxiety and depression. 

It wasn’t fun.

But what is so much fun is being on the other side now…understanding how my brain works and how I can take care of it in ways that created:

1. Me losing 65 lbs and keeping it off and completely knowing that I’ll never gain the weight back because that’s not who I am any more.

2. Creating freedom from any mind drama or shame around food.

3. Have peace around my body and love it the way it is, no matter what.

4. Created create an amazing relationship with my best friend and hubby-a relationship where we NEVER fight-our instincts collide, but we never fight because we use tools to honor the experience of the other person and have made commitments to give each other the benefit of the doubt.

5. Created a Life Coaching Coaching Practice of AMAZING clients who I feel like they are sent from God and I’m so blessed we get to be in this part of our journey’s on the planet together.

And…this is just the beginning.

This is all possible because I’ve learned even more about my brain and learned to access it’s most amazing capacities in new ways…and how it’s been there actually all my life…

This is what is happening for my clients…it’s so exciting to witness and such an honor.

I have learned that our brains have opposition in their wiring and it’s supposed to be this way…and the sooner we learn the tools to make peace with this, the more peace and joy is possible.

We have parts of our brain that are wired only for survival…and most of us are run by these parts of our brains because they are the default.

We need this part of the brain to survive but the challenge is that this part of our brain only gives us simple thought commands based on survival…not THRIVAL…I made that up.


We have amazing parts of our brain, our pre-frontal cortex that is wired for rational thought, choice, empowerment, and PROBLEM SOLVING.

Our pre-frontal cortex is the most amazing problem solving machine on the planet.

It’s such a gift and a gift to be cherished and cared for immensely.

The magic is that as we learn to understand our survival wiring, not make it wrong, make peace with it, we connect with more facility to that amazing pre-frontal cortex and when we learn to ask ourselves empowering questions (and other tools), our pre-frontal cortex comes up with all the most amazingly, inspired answers…it truly feels miraculous.

This is what is possible for everyone.

There is so much peace, joy, ecstasy and EMPOWERMENT that is possible for all of us as we learn these tools.

Everyone has this possibility and capability.

And when we learn to understand our brain and KNOW that we can figure anything out…


I invite you to ponder this question today…

If I knew I could figure out how to trust myself and handle whatever happens in life and I knew that I could figure anything out, what would be possible?

What would you choose? 

How would you choose?


I’d love to know.


Have a fantastic 3 day weekend.

The Stop Emotional Overeating Coach 
for Women Over 40

p.s. If you are ready to learn to really trust yourself around  food and stop the mind drama around your body and all your decisions in life…

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