Happy Friday my friend.

Read to the end….this is longer…AND GOOOOOD.

As many of you know, I went to an exclusive master coach training last weekend in Chicago.

I want to share the back story because my world has transform and I know it can help transform your world.

I had originally applied for it back in April & didn’t get in. 

They offered us the option of having them keep the deposit to receive priority consideration for the next one or get our money back. I chose to have them keep the deposit because I had decided to be completely committed to getting to this training.

I chose to look at that as an opportunity to learn and I didn’t pout that I didn’t get it.

Instead I asked myself, what do I need to do to so they will have me in the group.

Then I got to work…not perfectly, pretty messily in fact, but I got to work persistently and consistently.

made decisions that I was going to figure out how to grow and get accepted to this program.

Then I worked to implement
 what I was studying from this master coach’s entry level training that I had been taking. 

But I stumbled a bit here…and did it very imperfectly…my brain got stuck in some spin cycles, questioning myself, some self-doubt, some shame, questioning and a bit of blaming on things outside of me….(sound familiar in your weight-loss process)…aren’t our brains amazing and predictable!

I learned that I needed to evaluate what I was doing so that I could see my areas of growth and figure out how to continue to grow…

I worked to evaluate how I was doing but stumbled to evaluate how I was doing…meaning, I didn’t do it often…no, my brain instinctively wanted to hide from looking at my “mistakes” (sound familiar in your weight-loss journey?) 

This is a natural human instinct to not want to evaluate because: 

A-It’s not a part of our routine and don’t realize it’s an option or how valuable it is

B-Our brain is afraid to evaluate because if it sees we made a mistake or “did something wrong” it means something’s wrong with us or it instinctively thinks there is a right way to do it or a wrong way or only one way…what if you couldn’t get it wrong…all you had to do was make one decision at a time?


Then, about 2 weeks before the coach training started on 8/14/19 in Chicago, I received and email saying a spot had opened up and if I wanted it, I needed to commit in 24 hours to do the following: 

*Get to Chicago for the 3 day training.
*Arrange & pay for the hotel
*Arrange & pay for the flight
*Read a book called Essentialism By Greg McKeown (YES GO READ IT NOW)
*Commit to move my schedule around to be on weekly calls for 6 months, all dressed up, professionally presented
*Oh, and pay 9K….in 24 hours

I had already decided that this is what I wanted.

I had already committed to figure out how to up level to be an better Life Coach. I’m committed to continue to grow into the next best version of myself…it’s so fun, it’s so delicious to grow-it’s not easy, but I love it and I’m committed to it. 

AND I was going to do whatever it took to figure out how to create that result for myself.

So when I got the email, I just said, yep, I’m in. I’ll handle it.

I didn’t think much of this, I was just super excited.

But when I got to the reception the first night, this million++ dollar master coach, my new coach, that I had never met in person came up to me and said, “Candy, you’re a such a bad a**!” 

I was astonished and not sure why she said that.

I can’t remember what I said exactly but it was something like, “Thank you. Why?”

She said, because I had handled all that stuff in 24 hours…and it would affect the experience for everyone…???

Wow. I just wanted to figure out how to be the next, best version of myself as a coach…so I was going to be all in…THE END….

I had no idea that my decision to better myself would ripple like that…

But this is what happens when we decide to better ourselves from a place of decision, (not indecision) commitment and self-love.

It ripples…I knew this principle, but had no idea I would have that kind of ripple…

On the opposite side of things…it’s good to ask ourselves:

How often do we not go ALL IN and commit to our growth in our weight-loss journey (which turns out to be an emotional & physical cleansing and healing journey) 

….because we are afraid of making a mistake  

….or we are afraid of doing it wrong 

….or we are afraid of rocking the boat in others’ lives  

….or because we just plain doubt that we can do it? 

….or we’ve subconsciously chosen to make our lives so busy that we won’t or don’t take an honest look at it?

When we don’t decide to go all in for our growth, we stay stuck in indecisionville and WE NEVER GROW…we stay stuck.

If we want to grow in our emotional and physical weight-loss journey (or any journey) we have to decide to commit to ourselves period.

Sometimes it’s scary because:

….we haven’t put ourselves first in a long time (or ever).

…or we haven’t realized we have been keeping ourselves so busy to subconsciously avoid taking a look at it, facing it and making a decision to just commit to figure it out

…but DO NOT let FEAR be the reason you don’t step up for yourself. 

Fear is natural, but don’t get stuck there. 

Push through it and JUST DO IT GOL DARN IT. 

You will thank yourself I promise.

And you HAVE NO IDEA how you deciding to commit to yourself to figure out how to lose weight and keep it off for good will ripple on ALL those around you and some not around you yet…

IT WILL RIPPLE…it can’t help but ripple in amazing ways.

To finish up the story, we were given a REALLY BIG SCARY goal last weekend and in order to stay in the program, we had to accomplish it in 30 days. She used to give the group 6 months to get it accomplished.

My amazing coach helped me gain the tools to believe that I could figure out how to do it…this is what I do for my clients too…

And I was able to do it in 4 days. HOLY MOLEY.

BAM…I’m so proud of myself and I want you to know that I completely believe that this kind of growth is possible for EVERYONE.


I am now a person who knows she can do anything (and a lot faster sometimes than I ever thought possible!



This is what is possible FOR ALL OF US.


Have a wonderful weekend.


The Stop Emotional Overeating Coach 

for Women Over 40

p.s. If you are ready to make the decision to commit to go all in on yourself to Stop Emotional Overeating and Lose Weight for Good…CLICK HERE to schedule a free consult call with me tod

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