I’ve always been the type of gal who likes to do well at things.

I didn’t always have to get an A++, but I’m not going to lie, I did try and I like to work hard, I like to be successful and I have picked up on a lot of things in life sorta quickly, not all, but many.

This is a pattern I’ve noticed about myself…I like to excel and I like to excel quickly.

When something takes me longer than my instinctive brain thinks it should take me to excel, the more survival parts of my brain throw a bit of a tantrum and start to make me feel like, well, that I suck.

Do you notice this in yourself?

You love to do well.

You love to be on your A-game.

You love to succeed quickly?

You do really well in so many areas of your life and when you don’t do well quickly in an area of your life, your brain shames you or isn’t very nice to you?

If so, you just may be human.

Has this happened to you with weight-loss?

You’re successful in so many areas of your life, but you can’t quite seem to lose the extra weight that has crept up especially after 40?

I remember thinking, I’m a smart woman, I do really well in my career, my relationships so why the heck am I so addicted to brownies and why can’t I stop…I should know better!!

But I didn’t know how.

I didn’t have the toolbox to stop overeating and lose weight FOR GOOD.

So my brain kept eating to hide the pain of not knowing how.

And this is really what it is.

We just don’t know how to lose the weight and keep it off.

We just don’t have the toolbox yet.

It’s really normal for people to be really successful in many areas of their lives but just not have the toolbox to understand how to be at your natural healthy weight.

And it’s really normal to keep hiding and not want to really create the toolbox.

It seems like either there’s not enough time, or you doubt you could really do it, or you’ve tried so many things before and your brain wants to keep defaulting to this may not work…

Guess what?

All of this is baloney.

If you think you don’t have enough time to look at your health, your brain is lying to you.

Carrying extra weight feels awful physically and emotionally and it will take it’s toll.

I know we all know this, but sometimes we don’t realize that when we tell ourselves we don’t have the time, we are saying, I don’t have the time to take care of me. I don’t matter.

If your brain is telling you that you don’t think you could do it or it’s not possible, your brain is lying to you.

Don’t listen to it.

It’s baloney…again.

You totally can, your brain is wired to conserve calories and to do the easiest thing possible to maintain status quo…so of course it’s going to default to, thinking you can’t do it. Again. Total baloney.

If your brain tells you that you’ve tried so many things, that nothing will work…

Again, baloney, you just haven’t worked until you found the actual solution and toolbox to get there.

This is the case WITH ANYTHING you really want to change deep down in your heart.


These are lies our brain tells us and you don’t have to believe them.

The simple basic tools in this particular toolbox (the lose weight and keep it off toolbox) are:

*Plan your food a day before.
*Reflect the next day on what you ate and how that data matches up with your plan.
*Don’t judge the data, look at it as just data.
*Don’t snack.
*Drink 1/2 your body weight in water.
*Move your body from a place of adding deposits of love into it (not from a place of if I don’t work out an hour at least 3-5 x a week, I’m a failure. Example: Go on a walk 3 x a week for 10 min to start out.
*Don’t eat sugar and flour regularly.
*Get 7-9 hours of sleep.
*Only eat when you’re actually physically hungry.
*Understand what is going on with your brain and your emotions.

That’s the basic tool box.

This is a basic list of what people who are at their natural healthy weight do do be naturally thin, and keep the weight off effortlessly…

I invite you to now listen to what your brain says about that toolbox. 

Whatever complaints, challenges, whining, or arguments your brain wants to come up with about this list just notice them…and that is where your work is.

That is what we work on in coaching.

I help you bridge the gap between the lies your brain tells you and really achieving your dream.

Whatever part of the basic tool box that seems hard, I can help you.

Whatever part of the basic tool box that your brain wants to fight about, let me know, I can help you.

Whatever part of the basic tool box above that your brain is afraid of, I can help you. 

This is my specialty…I got you.

If you are already one of my clients, and your brain is telling you any of these lies, go back to the basic tool box, love your brain with compassion, and keep collecting the data.

One step at a time.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Emotional Overeating & Healing Expert

Candy Wright Coaching

 p.s. When you’re ready to get help to bridge the gap and create freedom from emotional eating and lose weight for good… 


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