If you find yourself saying, I’m so busy, I’ve had a crazy, busy day, I’ve got so much to do and you struggle to lose weight the older you get…this is usually a HUGE factor in why you’re not losing weight the closer to 50-ish+ and up you get.

Yep, how you think about and DON’T manage your time IS A HUGE factor in weight-gain the older you get.

May sound like tough love, and that’s what it is, and it’s also true.
I was totally there, I get it.

Let me tell you why:

Most of my clients come to me at first and not knowing that the way they manage their time is exactly one of the top reasons they struggle with losing weight the older they get.

Yep, they think that they don’t have control over their time or that they are at the effect of it, that it controls them.

They feel pulled to do this thing and that thing and it all feels legitimate that the things are controlling them…

But…I’m here to tell you, that’s not true, you’re letting the things control you.

Ask yourself: 

When you have a “crazy” relationship to how we manage our time it’s one of the MAIN reasons you can’t lose weight, is that to say there aren’t other factors, no, but this is a huge place to start.

In my experience and observing tons of clients, this has been true.
You may ask, how does how I handle my time, have to do with mid-life weight-loss?


START HERE AND…Think about this and when the last time was that you thought these things: 

Most of our society says and believes things like, I’m so busy or it’s been a crazy day, or it’s been a crazy week, or I have so much to do…and that all those thoughts are just facts.

They aren’t facts. NOPE. They are just thoughts.

Have you ever stopped and asked yourself why you say those things? Why you do that?

Did you know it has a direct effect on how you fuel or don’t fuel your body?

YES, it does.
And this is how:

When you run around saying you’re so busy, you create a world where you continuously feel so busy, you continuously fill your schedule, you don’t learn to say no to things that aren’t your priority and you don’t think about prioritizing REALLY what matters: YOU, your health and not running your body into the ground-literally. 

So when you’re on auto-pilot “I’m busy” brain mode, one of the last things you think about is giving your body attention and the fuel that it needs so you don’t give it attention, you grab the fast food, you shove whatever is close in your mouth…and the scale goes up, your clothes get tighter, you feel less energy and more lethargic, more discouraged and less yourself.

What’s happening you go around thinking about time like “it’s crazy”, “it’s so busy”, or “I’m so busy”, what you’re doing is sub-consciously is you’re telling yourself that you don’t have control over it.

This is a survival brain lie, you do absolutely have all the control over it.

And when you think you don’t have control; you’re programming your brain to NOT believe in yourself, NOT trust yourself and to NOT have confidence in your capabilities.

You’re programming your brain to believe that you DON’T absolutely have the power inside you to create more calm, more peace, more confidence, more self-trust and therefore more time for you to take care of you and therefore time to fuel your body in healthy ways.


Your brain may want to argue with me here and that’s OK.

So, I ask you to really question your thinking, really.

Ask yourself, how often and why do you say I’m so busy, I have to work so hard, I have to do this or that and pay bills or whatever it may be, I have to do this or that to keep a roof on my head etc.

And when you think those things how much empowerment and self-confidence do you feel?

I’m guessing NOT a whole heck of a lot.

In fact, thinking about your time like this creates stress and overwhelm for you, right?

It also creates self-doubt, fear and an inability to problem solve creatively and calmly.

And then it usually causes overeating to deal with all these emotions.
Starting to see the connection now?

So…what’s the solution?

You have to start by not buying into the survival brain idea that there is a scarcity of time and that you have no control over it.

What if you could just start there, start by believing that you just might have the choice, the power and the control?


“I’m really in charge of my time.”

“I get to decide what to do with time.”

“I get to choose to believe that I have the power to be a time management ninja.”

“I can absolutely learn to take care of my time so I can take care of me and take care of the things I want to give my attention to…what if these aren’t mutually exclusive.”

“I am actually 100% capable of figuring out how to create a calmer life in relationship to my time and therefore be able to give my body the attention it has been soooo patiently waiting to receive from me…”

SIDENOTE: And on that note, one thing I invite you to consider is thinking about your body as a sweet entity, or a sweet child you love, or someone with whom you are falling in love.
And that that sweet entity, sweet child or lover is just dying for you to give it the attention it needs…because this is truly what is happening.

Your body is so patient with you and then it will get to a point, that it just can’t tolerate our lack of attention and prioritization…and they start to leave us and fall apart.

SO…when you start to help your mindset shift to a calmer, empowered relationship with your time you give yourself the gift of learning to do that for your body too…you can realize that health and the things you’d like to accomplish are not mutually exclusive.


Keep a time journal. Make a note of exactly how you use your time all day. 

How much time is spent on distracting yourself? 

Don’t do this to make yourself feel guilty, just go through and notice how much time you spend on things that you could be using to choose fuel foods and take care of your body.

So…by shifting how you interact and prioritize your time, you actually start to create a more harmonious partnership with your body.

You start to manage not only your time better; you take care of you better.

This is totally possible for you and this world needs you.


p.s. If you are ready to start the simple step-by-step process to learn how to create time for yourself and your body so you lose the over age 50-ish+ 50 lbs for good, let’s chat.

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