My name is Candy. I’m 47, a former public educator, corporate manager & trainer, Zumba instructor. I was single until I was 43 years old & I ate to avoid feeling my emotions around being single & doing life on my own. 

Now, I’m a certified Life Coach, Weight Loss Coach, Healing & Relationship Healing coach! And…

I lost 62 lbs & can teach you to do the same. 

Can you relate to any of the following?

Over the years, I struggled with emotional eating as a way to deal with & numb out my emotions around some of the following:

Stresses of my job responsibilities.

Being the “strong one” in leadership positions.

Stress & disappointment around wanting to create a career I loved, that fulfilled me & not knowing how to create it.

Deep sadness around getting older & seeing my opportunities for having children disappear.

Deep disappointment, anxiety & sadness around dating experiencing break up after breaking up & not “finding the right partner” & really wanting to be in a relationship.

Stress, anxiety & sadness because I thought finding the partner would solve everything.

Stress, loneliness & overwhelm of being alone & doing everything on my own (buying a car, caulking the tub, doing all the household chores-wishing I had someone to at least help me take out the trash etc.)

Then when I found my partner…I emotionally ate because of the…

Stress & anxiety around “is this the “right” partner??” how do I know? How do I figure it out?

Stress & anxiety that led to sadness around my new, highly emotionally demanding job with LOTS of moving parts that I couldn’t control.

Lots of emotions around becoming a foster parent unexpectedly…on and on.

If you can relate to any of these, you’re in the right place.

Our amazing human brains are wired to do things (LIKE EAT) to cope with the discomfort of strong, uncomfortable emotions. It’s a survival mechanism. IT’S NORMAL. 

So, we do lots of things to deal with these emotions (eat, drink, FB, IG, gossip, sex, porn, internet, binge watch shows, shopping (online or in person!) etc.)
This doesn’t mean there is anything “wrong” with you. It JUST means you have a human brain…and all our brains do this…

It just means that our brains haven’t learned to process & cope with negative emotion in other more effective ways. Effective ways that don’t leave us with extra weight, big debt, or a net negative outcome (usually accompanied by lots of shame).

The good news is that most of us don’t grow up learning effective ways to deal with our emotions. That’s good news because AGAIN, YOU’RE NORMAL.

It’s not something our parents were usually taught, we weren’t taught it in school, so unless we seek it out through self-development, therapy, books, etc. we keep on coping the way we always have: emotionally eating, drinking, “internetting”, shopping etc.

Guess what! There is HOPE!! You can change your emotional eating habits & learn to process emotions in a way that serves you to have access to your best self.
The key is to understand how our brains process circumstances around us, how that affects the thoughts our brains think & how that affects how we feel & then being courageous to choose to heal the things that cause us to emotionally eat. How do we do this? See my next blog entry!

This is what I teach in my program “CREATE FREEDOM FROM EMOTIONAL EATING”.

I would love to & would be honored to support you if you are serious about changing your relationship to food, emotional eating & are committed to ending your struggle with emotional eating forever.

If you’d like to know more about my program “CREATE FREEDOM FROM EMOTIONAL EATING”…

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